Harvard Democrats Will Give an Award to Failed Politician Hillary


Hillary Clinton will receive Harvard’s Radcliffe award on May 25th. The woman described by William Safire as a congenital liar certainly earned it for her “impact on society”. She is being called the “Peoples’ President” because she won the popular illegal alien vote in California and other left-wing states.

Mrs. Clinton will be recognized for her “transformative effect on society.” That’s certainly true. The woman corrupted the Democrat Party and turned them into the leftist entity it is today. The identity politics, along with the far-left deceit, and manipulation of Saul Alinsky is her baby.

She has “inspired” the left.

“Hillary Clinton’s life and career are an inspiration to people around the world,” Radcliffe Institute Dean Lizabeth Cohen, who teaches American studies at Harvard, said in the press release.

She is traveling the globe, they say, to “transform society”. The Haitians might not think she’s so great.

“Whether in Arkansas, Washington, D.C., New York state or traveling around the globe as secretary of State,” Cohen said in the statement. “Secretary Clinton has provided a model of what it takes to transform society, often under scrutiny — tireless effort, toughness amid the political fray, and an enduring capacity to envision a better future.”

Hillary is a big award winner

Hillary has been recognized for all kinds of achievements but turning us into Socialists is new.

In 1992, she won for Glamour Women of the Year [seriously, no joke]; 1997, she won a Grammy for the Best Spoken Word; 2008, Glamour gave her an award as The Trailblazer; and by 2017, she won Goodreads Best Memoir.

There are many others, including honorary degrees she didn’t earn, click here.

We have to give it to Harvard though, it’s the most absurd award of them all unless you admire Alinskyites.

The woman belongs in jail.

Hopefully, Democrats will run her for president again and inspire people to vote for Trump once again.

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Gemm Merritt
Gemm Merritt
5 years ago

Well said and very true

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
5 years ago

In a weird way, Harvard is correct in giving Hillary the award for exactly the reasons they listed. Hillary did have “an impact on society” – a negative one. She had a “transformative effect on society” – just not in a positive way. She absolutely “inspired” the left – to violence. Her “life and career are an inspiration to people around the world” – on what not to do. Hillary indeed “provided a model of what is takes” – but she still doesn’t know what happened! Harvard got it right – for all the wrong reasons.

UnrulyColonist (@Julesagain)
UnrulyColonist (@Julesagain)
5 years ago

Harvard destroying its reputation, one dumb decision after another.