Harvard Withdraws Fellowship Invitation to Hard-Left Traitor Chelsea Manning


Harvard University withdrew their Fellowship invitation to traitor and communist revolutionary Chelsea Manning after the CIA voiced serious concerns. In that position, Manning would have taught. Though the Dean who offered it denies it, it is an honor to be given an award of this magnitude from such a prestigious university.

This is while harmless conservatives like Ben Shapiro has $600,000 of security in order to speak at UC Berkeley.

The Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School announced Wednesday that Chelsea Manning would be one of its visiting fellows, but less than two days later, the school’s dean withdrew the invitation.

Manning, née Bradley Manning, was convicted of leaking classified information and causing untold damage to national security. Barack Obama pardoned Manning because he too is hard-left.

Michael Morell, former deputy director and acting director of the CIA, resigned his senior fellowship post at Harvard over the school’s decision to include Manning as a visiting fellow.

Morell said he could not be part of an organization that “honors a convicted felon and leaker of classified information.”

A short time later, CIA Director Mike Pompeo canceled an appearance at the school, where he was scheduled to discuss such topics as Russian involvement in the presidential election and the nuclear standoff with North Korea.

When Pompeo didn’t show, the CIA released a statement: “Pompeo, who has a law degree from Harvard, said he didn’t make the decision lightly. He wrote that he would betray the trust of CIA employees if he appeared.”

Dean Elmendorf said he wasn’t endorsing Manning with this honorarium. However, as we tear down statues and change names of streets the hard-left does not like, we should keep in mind that Harvard was going to let Manning teach and spread his hard-left views.

Leftist propagandist and traitor Chelsea is blaming the CIA, claiming we are a police state when in fact this is what the leftists want – only they want to be the enforcers.

Manning stands for everything hard-left.

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