Harvey Weinstein’s “Mistakes” Were Buried by Most of the Moralists in Hollywood


The feminists, activists for women, Hollywood moralists were silent for decades as Harvey Weinstein dedicated his life to molesting women.

Harvey Weinstein the serial sex abuser and possible rapist has finally spoken and offered his explanation as he was on his way to sex rehab in a posh resort in Arizona. It’s heartwarming to know that he thinks the assaults were “mistakes”.

Harvey Weinstein, in his first public response since multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct, said “we all make mistakes.”

“Guys, I’m not doing OK, but I’m trying,” Weinstein told reporters on Wednesday as he entered an SUV parked outside his daughter’s Los Angeles home.

“I got to get help,” the former film executive said.

“A second chance, I hope,” Weinstein, 65, added.

Stuff happens, ya know?

Here come the “courageous”, years too late

The revelations are coming out in droves – now. A close colleague of his came out and said he knew of at least 30 women who were assaulted by Weinstein. Actresses and other women – 27 so far – are coming out now to say they either knew about it or were put into unwanted positions by him. Hanoi Jane Fonda said she knew for years and is “ashamed” that she said nothing as well she should be. People knew and let him go on molesting women for decades.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Rosanna Arquette, Cara Delevigne, Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd are just a few of Hollywood’s leading women who have gone on the record saying Weinstein made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances toward them. Most did nothing even though they knew he would molest and possibly rape other women.

Rose McGowan said she was raped and went after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in tweets for allegedly ignoring her warnings about Harvey Weinstein.

Actress goes after Bezos

In a series of tweets Thursday, McGowan attacked Bezos and his company for failing to hear her early claims about being “raped” by Weinstein and for “funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers.”

McGowan was one of the people named in the recent New York Times exposé about Weinstein’s sexual harassment claims and is reported to have reached a settlement with the film producer.

All the women activists

The  sketchy prosecutor in leftist New York City, Cyrus Vance Jr., accepted two donations from Weinstein before and after he dropped the molestation case a model reported. Vance is trying to say the police didn’t provide enough evidence and they have strongly refuted Vance. They actually wired the model who put herself out to get this guy. You can hear his admissions and his attempts at coercion on this link. This model deserves a lot of credit for truly having the courage to report him.

Vance is a hard-left moralist and strong women’s advocate. Just what we need in the prosecutor’s office [that’s sarcasm by the way].

It doesn’t end there. Do you believe Ronan Farrow or NBC when Farrow says he tried to get NBC to air the story in February.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Farrow had been working on the story for at least 10 months. His contract with NBC lapsed over the summer.

These stories are often buried. Remember in May 2016 when Corey Feldman outlined his pederasty and pedophilia claims against powerful Hollywood types? Today James Van Der Beek, who played Dawson on “Dawson’s Creek” in the 1990s, outlined his own experiences with sexual harassment by powerful men in Hollywood. These stories are not going away, unless the media covers them up.

Hollywood and the other hypocrites are coming out now and the media is calling them courageous. They’re simply covering their butts.

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