Has James Holmes Been Executed Yet?


The gruesome story unfolding in Aurora, Colorado is a tragic event of epic proportions.  This is the Fox News lead at mid-day Friday:

URGENT: Police and FBI are questioning the suspected gunman in a shooting early Friday at a crowded midnight screening of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” in Aurora, Colo., that left 12 people dead and at least 50 wounded — the deadliest U.S. shooting since the Fort Hood massacre in 2009.

The suspect, identified by federal law enforcement officials as James Holmes, 24, is in police custody. Police said Holmes’ apartment is booby trapped, leading authorities to evacuate five surrounding buildings. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said bomb technicians are determining how to disarm flammable or explosive material in the third-floor apartment. He says police could be there some time.

But as horrific as this news is, there is a long list of left wing politicos bent on instantly focusing blame on the TEA Party, right wingers, and firearms of every size, shape and description.  It’s almost an identical follow up to the Representative Gabby Giffords shooting, whereby Sarah Palin, the NRA, and Conservatives everywhere were instantly blamed for the actions of one person with an addled brain – the official investigation to determine facts in the case be damned.

This is what we’re up against on a daily basis.  I makes absolutely NO difference what the facts may be, the entire matter instantly turns political and the finger pointing begins in earnest.

We abhor the actions of the shooter.  We pray for the souls lost and the families they left behind. We point no fingers in any direction; that’s NOT our job, it’s the job of the investigating law enforcement agencies and they need time to do their job.

Having said that, we also abhor those who would try to take political advantage of such a tragedy. Attempting to sway public opinion for political advantage without even knowing for sure that the right person is in custody, and before an investigation gleans actual facts in the case, is absolutely wrong on many levels.

So-called news analysts who let their imagination and political allegiance guide their words violate any and every code of ethics known to the profession.  Their knee-jerk reactions are almost always wrong and, quite sadly, many thousands of their followers buy every word they’re selling – accurate or otherwise.

It’s all so reminiscent of the tragic events in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 when the people we trusted to bring us unbiased, accurate news, almost instantly convinced the entire world that one man, Lee Harvey Oswald, shot and killed President John F. Kennedy and wounded Texas Governor John Connally,  by firing shots from a window, several stories above the ground at the Texas School Book Depository.  Every news mouthpiece went to extraordinary lengths to tell us what they thought, rather that what they knew and the subsequent murder of Oswald by Jack Ruby short circuited any in-depth investigative facts to be presented at trial.

We’re not suggesting you ignore the news.  On the contrary; watch and listen to it, but be totally aware that what is 100% certain today might very well be ZERO certain tomorrow.  Take analysts words with a grain of salt and stay open minded to other possibilities that might very well exist.  If you’ve studied the Kennedy assassination, you know that for years thereafter a number of possible theories emerged that totally conflict with the now famous Warren Commission Report.

In short, resist the temptation to place blame simply because you saw/heard it on television, radio, the Internet, or the politically motivated, tabloid zealots in the media.  And that goes for all sides of the political spectrum.

Resist the temptation to rush out and sign petitions to repeal the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights based on the heinous crime committed in Colorado.  Such an effort would fail in every State in the Union and by such a huge margin that “landslide” would barely suffice as a description.

Resist the temptation to try, convict and sentence anyone based on news media reports.  That’s not how the American system of justice is supposed to work, but it’s happening with all too much frequency these days.

When we Pledge Allegiance to the flag we promise “justice for all”.  Let’s start living up to that pledge.

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