Hasta La Vista Baby – Former Clinton Aide Says Hillary Clinton Is Toast


Hillary 2

In an appearance on the “Judge Judy Show”, a former top aide to the Clinton’s, Dick Morris,  said that Hillary Clinton’s presidential run is over.

“This is a disaster,” Morris said. He sees Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland, coming out to challenge her if he polls well. Elizabeth Warren could follow suit.

Hillary’s scandal “will keep us going for months if not years when those 30,000 emails come out”.

Morris added that Hillary thought she’d be safe because keeping emails in a private location had been done before but “what she didn’t reckon on was that she’d be so close to danger in so many of these scandals and the emails would be so decisive in those, that the demand for them would overwhelm her candidacy, and that’s what’s happening now.”

There’s a new piece of information that adds to the scandal. She not only had two phones, after saying she wanted one phone to make things simpler, she had an iPad also.

Morris thinks “Hillary is hoping it will go away”.

“But she’s missing the point,” Morris said, “as she accumulates negatives and as people trust her less and less and as the deadlines loom for other people to get into the race, you can have a vacuum here with an irresistible force pushing the Democratic Party to have an alternative to Hillary because if she goes down over the scandal, which I think she will, it will cause enormous losses in 2016, not just the presidency, but mammoth losses in Congress, and I think Democrats have to be very worried about that taking place.”

One has to wonder why anyone would doubt her word.

Remember when she dodged sniper fire in Bosnia?


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