Hasta la Vista! ‘Female Obama’ Kamala drops out of the presidential race


Kamala Harris informed her senior staff of her decision to drop out of the presidential race on Tuesday morning and is planning a public announcement later in the day.

The California senator, 55, was compared to former President Barack Obama early on in her candidacy and even before. She was drawing large crowds in the very beginning, similar to those of Donald Trump or Barack Obama.

She gained street creds in the first debate for her unfair but aggressive attack on Joe Biden over bussing decades before. Then she faced Tulsi Gabbard in the next debate, but Tulsi exposed her abysmal record of imprisoning black men. She didn’t have an argument so she lied.

Harris could run again or she could become Joe Biden’s running mate. She’s not gone and continues in an important role on the Senate Judiciary.

Harris has been complaining of late about being rejected because she is a black woman. Actually, her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican, a descendant of slave owners. Senator Harris is very far-left and dictatorial. We won’t miss her.

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