Hate-America Antifa & Right-Wing Proud Boys Already Started in Portland


The Proud Boys’ “end domestic terrorism” rally has begun in Portland, with the city’s mayor Ted Wheeler acknowledging that “violence is almost guaranteed” as the two groups come face-to-face.

Flag-waving members of the Proud Boys and Three Percenters militia group began gathering late in the morning, some wearing body armor and helmets. Meanwhile, black-clad, helmet and face-mask wearing anti-fascist protesters were also among the several hundred people on the streets. People are coming from around the country for this horrible event of losers and misfits.

I don’t know enough about the Proud Boys or the Three Percenters to say they’re white supremacists. A number of them are minorities and Antifa are calling them Uncle Toms.

The communist anarchists of Antifa are ready to start trouble. “No Trump, no KKK,” screams one man describing himself more than Trump.

One reporter was singled out.

Here’s one skirmish:


Flyers have gone around claiming Antifa will dress up as MAGA and beat up people.

“According to sources in Portland, ANTIFA is dressing as LEO and in MAGA attire,” tweeted well-known Twitter user Anna Paulina. “This is very bad and I can only imagine what the media will do with footage of people in MAGA gear attacking strangers.”

Police are seizing bear spray and shields — so far.

An Antifa had a gun and got smacked down by police in riot gear.


A woman [?] was offended by a D.C. Examiner wearing a U.S. flag on his sleeve.

One angry Antifa-ite is irate over Jesus and white men. A reporter was already pepper-sprayed.

Antifa vandalism and propaganda is everywhere.

Then there is the Antifa unicorn, of course, dancing for police. These people are nuts.

President Trump gets it and is watching Portland closely to see if Antifa is continuing it’s violent tactics.

Most businesses closed early. These nutcases are just getting started.



  1. The authorities are fomenting civil war in which they take the communist side.
    The federal government is probably under a constitutional duty to take over Oregon and administer it until it can be returned to the Union, just as the former confederate states were administered during reconstruction. A Marine should take over the Governor’s office. Field grade will do.

    • The reconstruction government was much later after the end of the war. Tthe states had also already been readmitted into the Union long before that. It was 3 years later that they then decided to do the unconstitutional reconstruction government after the country had already recovered. It was a power grab by the globalists disguised through the years of history as a response to the civil war.

  2. .
    Antifa are just social misfits and psychopaths whose lives aren’t working for one reason or another, and they want to blame someone other than themselves. A few leaders are paid with Soros money to raise hell.

    The sooner Trump declares them terrorists and gets them off the streets the better. A few need to do hard time. … Ted Wheeler, the wimpy Mayor, should be thrown out of office and prosecuted for not doing his sworn job.

  3. They ended the day knocking people out with no police in sight. This lawlessness will get worse. Remember that survey last month where 90% of Democrats said they expect violence? They know because they are promoting it.

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