Hate Groups Put Ferguson Police in Danger



The New Black Panthers are in Ferguson attempting to incite race riots over the death of Michael Brown who was tragically killed by a police officer in what may or may not be a legitimate shooting death.

Not wanting to wait for justice, they, along with many other paid and unpaid activists, have inundated the small, respectable community of Ferguson, Missouri.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “The New Black Panther Party is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers.” They have been rejected by the original Black Panthers who claim to no longer be violent or racist.


Photo via Live Leak

The New Black Panthers are demanding that the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown be released and he be immediately fired and charged with murder. They also want the force to be made into a Black police force overnight. The police officer who shot the boy is White.

The hacker group known as “Anonymous” are also fomenting trouble by releasing personal information of the St. Louis police chief and his family. They have their own demands and insist that the officer’s name be released immediately and that a new law be passed called Michael Brown’s Law that will nationalize police standards. They are anti-government but appear to want bigger government. They also want people to occupy every square foot of Ferguson until they get “justice.”

Rev. Al Sharpton, not to be undone, has all but abandoned the New York City case for this one and is organizing protests for justice.

AG Eric Holder launched an immediate investigation. He did not do that when a conservative Rabbi, Joseph Raksin, was murdered by a Black youth in Florida recently. It isn’t even being investigated as a hate crime. It’s merely a robbery.  The Rabbi was heading for the temple when approached by the two Black men who killed him. The temple has been recently vandalized – a swastika and the name of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas were written on the temple. Why doesn’t Holder investigate that crime as quickly?

This Michael Brown shooting occurred on Saturday. There has not been enough time to bring “justice.” The protesting and rioting has a more sinister motive and it’s political.

Another Black youth was shot and killed as violence erupted in Ferguson. He was shot after pointing his gun at police. In a separate incident, a woman was shot in the head in a drive by shooting but she is expected to survive.

Police have been warned by the FBI that they are in danger.

Black residents of Ferguson (allegedly residents) told the Daily Beast that they are governed by white police and “they say it feels more like Gaza than America.”

That was in reference to there being 53 White officers in a 55 member police force.

A woman identified only as Yusra told the publication, “It’s like the elephant in the room. We are being occupied.”

Meanwhile, alleged witnesses to the Michael Brown shooting are popping up everywhere and they are all on the side of the victim. The only ones who might not get justice are the police.