Hateful Hillary Thought This Post-GOP-Shooting Tweet Was a Great Idea


Less than two weeks after the shooting of congressman Steve Scalise and other GOPers, Hillary ignored the call to tone down the rhetoric and went full bore. She decided to label the Republican Party the death party.

It’s Obama’s healthcare bill that is collapsing and likely killing people. The GOP is trying to fix the damage her party did to healthcare.

Too many people can’t afford healthcare and there are few insurance plans in many states. The choices people do have are becoming unaffordable.

The government is subsidizing more than 80% of those on Obama welfare healthcare but that’s unsustainable. Hillary ignores all of that and keeps on lying.

Her tweet linked to a study by Soros’s leftist think tank claiming that their analysis of the CBO scoring of the Republican bill indicated that between 18,100 and 27,700 deaths would result from decreases in health care coverage in 2026.

The study also claimed the Republican bill would result in 217,000 deaths over a decade.

There is no way to know that but the fact is that people who don’t buy insurance will do it by choice under the GOP. Democrats are currently forcing Americans to buy it or be fined.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats wanted to put people in prison if they didn’t buy it but they realized that wouldn’t fly. They backed off.

Hillary might not have liked some of the responses she received to this tweet.

The responses came quickly. Will she say these people are Russian bots?

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