Have a Very Happy New Year! With Special Thanks to Our Military, Firefighters and Police


Have a blessed and Happy New Year!


How many people know the history of the first New Year?

In New York, it started in Trinity Church but it became too raucous for them. It moved to Long Acre Square in 1904 which later became known as Times Square.

The dropping of the ball began thanks to the advent of electricity and has continued for more than 125 years. The original ball had125 light bulbs and weighed 107 pounds. It was a lighthouse in the middle of Times Square.

It was dropped from the largest building at the time – The Times building. The Times retained ownership until 1961.


Happy New Year and keep safe!

We are safe because of people who are willing to risk their lives for us.

Don’t forget our military!

Or our law enforcement!

Or our firefighters!


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