Have People Considered the Serious Implications of Turkey Joining the EU


Angel Merkel first won election in 2005 on the promise that she would never admit Turkey into the EU. She repeated that promise with more gusto in 2010. Last week, she visited Turkey and announced plans to accelerate Turkey’s accession to the EU.


Turkey currently hosts about 2.2 million Syrian refugees and Turkey has threatened to release them. The refugees would undoubtedly head West. There isn’t much separating Turkey from the EU. Merkel needs to convince Turkey to keep the refugees.

If the throngs of refugees from Turkey pour into Germany and member states, Merkel will most likely be toppled because the popularity she once enjoyed over her refugee policy is losing steam.

Now Turkey is considering giving all these refugees citizenship and once Turkey is part of the EU, they would be able to travel through and about the entire EU.

Has anyone considered what this might mean in terms of European culture and freedom from terrorism? The Turkish Islamists and the Syrian refugees will alter the EU Western way of life.

Individual European nations lost most of their sovereignty when they joined the EU for financial gain and now they will probably lose their identity.

When Merkel visited Turkey, she was offered the following according to The Daily BeastIn return of agreeing on a common EU–Turkey Joint Action Plan on migrants, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu requested four points: the opening of negotiation chapters with the EU, visa liberalization for Turks traveling to the EU, 3 billion euro to deal with the refugees, and the invitation of Turkish leaders to EU summits.


Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey has in the past aligned himself with the Muslim Brotherhood and countries sponsoring terrorism against Israel. That hasn’t worked out and now he is looking to the EU to save him and Merkel is looking to him but who will save Europe?

Data Source: The Daily Beast


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