Hawaiian Governor Knew Nuke Alert Was Fake Within Two Minutes


Hawaii Governor Ige knew within two minutes of the January 13 nuclear alert that it was a false alarm but he didn’t know his Twitter password so he didn’t issue an all-clear. for 17 minutes He didn’t issue one on Facebook for 23 minutes.

“In explaining any puzzling Washington phenomenon [or in this case Hawaiian government], always choose stupidity over conspiracy, incompetence over cunning. anything else gives them too much credit.” ~ Charles Krauthammer, without the mention of Hawaii

He didn’t know his Twitter login information to issue the “all clear”.

It took him 17 minutes to issue the alert. The official all-clear came after 38 minutes from the State government.

The governor also didn’t post a correction to Facebook until 23 minutes after the alert went out. He didn’t mention whether he knows his Facebook login information, according to WaPo.

His Facebook alert went out 23 minutes after the fake alarm. His excuse for that:

“I was in the process of making calls to the leadership team both in Hawaii Emergency Management as well as others,” he added. “The focus really was on trying to get as many people informed about the fact that it was a false alert.”

Wow! If all depends on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, how is it even possible he didn’t at least have that on the ready?

Ige’s communications staff members manage his social media accounts. Ige spokeswoman Cindy McMillan has said the governor had to track her down to prepare a message for the public before they could post anything, The Associated Press reports.

The entire affair was a mess of errors apparently.

The Washington Post’s Fred Barbash reported:

The menu, which triggers alerts, contains a jumble of options, ranging from Amber alerts to Tsunami warnings to road closures. Some of them, such as “High Surf Warning North Shores,” are in plain English.

Others, including the one for a missile attack, “PACOM (CDW)-STATE ONLY,” use shorthand initials. (PACOM refers to the United States Pacific Command based in Hawaii.)

And the menu contained no ballistic missile defense false alarm option — which has now been added.

They tried to blame their idiocy on President Trump.

As Senator Kennedy said about another situation, the government was founded by geniuses but it’s being run by idiots.



  1. They also claimed the delay was the result of FEMA coordination. Evidently that was a made up statement.

    There computer application sounds the same as what I dealt with. It is called Application Programming. The main component of Any application is its GUI (Graphical User Interface). Without a user-friendly interface the application will be cumbersome to operate. Any design needs to be so intuitive that training would not even be needed. THIS is Good Programming.

    I ran into this myself. The main system our operators were using required extensive training for each new site added. Our system had to be merged into that department. I was required to do the training on my system. Once the computers were installed in their location they found the system SO intuitive that no training was required.

    In another department for operations a computer system was designed, by a person with a business degree, no less. The interface was a convoluted mess. The user had to go through page after page, And, if he made an error, would have to return to the beginning and start over. It was quite humorous in a training session when the creator of it “bragged” about it. I couldn’t help but tell the person next to me, “I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about this mess”.

    The moral of the story is, there needs to be truly qualified people that do these jobs. From the description of how this system works whoever created it should be fired and never allowed to work in that area again. There is no reason to have any system difficult to operate. It Does take some imagination to write and design operator systems.

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