Leftist Crusader John Oliver Uses Trump Tax Loophole to Avoid Taxes on Mansion


Observer.com‘s Ken Silverstein exposed yet another liberal hypocrite, though I’m being a bit redundant here. Liberals wear the mantle of hypocrisy with pride. The hypocrite in question is HBO’s comedian John Oliver who used a tax dodge Trump made popular decades ago.

What makes the noteworthy is Oliver did this after endless moralizing against income inequality and after condemning evil tax dodgers. He dodge and continues to avoid taxes on his New York City mansion.

In 2015, Oliver even created a church-mocking charity called “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption”.

Oliver sermonized against the wealth gap and the rich people exploiting the poor in 2014:

“At this point the rich are just running up the score. If our economy was a little league game, someone would have called it by now. But what sets America apart is that, in this time, we’ve actively introduced policies disproportionately benefitting the wealthy. Like cutting income tax and capital gains tax rates for the richest in half. As well as that weird tax rebate for orgies with fancy Eyes Wide Shut masks. The password is ‘Fidelio.’ You would think, you would think in a democracy, policies that benefit very few people at the expense of very many would not be able to succeed. But they have…”
Oliver is the rich, the very rich.
The sanctimonious leftist hired a slick tax attorney from a slick New York law firm to set up two revocable trusts, one for him and one for his wife Kate, to hide the couple’s purchase of a luxurious $9.5 million 39th floor Manhattan penthouse with “panoramic views of the city skyline.” They “used a tax loophole created by Donald Trump himself back in the 1970s.”
Oliver and his wife are Democrats who expect you to do as they say but not as they do.
Silverstein wrote that Oliver is paying only .25% of the taxes he should be paying:

[E]ven though Oliver paid $9.5 million for his penthouse, the city assessed its market value for tax purposes at just $1.3 million. However, only $515,000 of that amount was billable for property taxes. At a rate of 12.8 percent, Oliver normally would have paid $66,390.

However, property tax records show that, thanks to Trump and Roy Cohn, Oliver gets the very generous 421-a tax break on the penthouse. Hence, his property’s billable value after the exemption plunged by over $300,000, and he owed just $27,343 for 2017. That comes out to a property tax rate of roughly 0.25 percent, which would make Ronald Reagan and Ayn Rand dance in their graves from happiness.

He’s like all the rest of the phoniess in the Democrat-Socialist Party.

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