He Had Me At ‘Cut the EPA’


Donald Trump appeared on The O’Reilly Factor this evening and said that as part of his economic plan he would cut the Department of Education (DOE) because he believes education should be local, and he’d cut the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they’re actually causing damage.

One of the reasons people are sticking by Trump, despite his many unpleasant outbursts, is because he says things like cut the DOE and EPA! I’m not trying to promote Donald Trump but we do need more of our candidates to talk about how they will cut the oversized government agencies, especially the EPA.

The EPA is so out of touch and so looney that they posted the following tweet Tuesday.

EPA hates the sun

Pray for rain so plants may live!

They’re getting ready to pass new ozone rules that will stifle business and shutter plants so their tweets reflect that.

Gina McCarthy

This is the same EPA, under the leadership of Gina McCarthy, that caused a massive toxic spill sending contaminated water into the Animas and San Juan Rivers. The tainted water traveled through Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

After causing the spill, lying about it, and appearing before a Congress that did nothing, the EPA’s Gina McCarthy said the water is now safe. I have to add here that I’d like to know what purpose Congress serves. They bloviated and displayed their outrage for all to see; they made it known that McCarthy lied through her teeth; the Navajos are seriously concerned and need assistance; but what did they do about it? The one thing I will give them credit for is they keep cutting funds to the EPA.

Russell Begaye
Russell Begaye

Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation, wasn’t buying the EPA’s “it’s returned to pre-spill levels” story and refused to open the river up for use. It appears he might be right.

Animas 3
The Animas before and immediately after the spill

It’s almost impossible to find out what is happening but abc news and Al Jazeera did have some updated information.

A study conducted along a 60-mile stretch of the Animas River by researchers at Texas Tech and New Mexico State University found elevated levels of heavy metals in the sediment.

According to Al Jazeera, a new report conducted by the nonprofit Water Defense shows elevated levels of Vanadium, Barium, Beryllium, and Lead still present in the San Juan River.  They are working in conjunction with the Navajo Nation.

Their chief scientist found the water is unsafe to use until they have completed testing.The chemicals they found are also in the riverbed.

The sediment has always been the problem. The heavy metals sank quickly and it is believed many settled into the river bed. They could be whipped up at any time and present a threat for years to come.

The EPA have declined the tribe’s requests for continued help, including the appointment of a federal recovery coordinator.

The EPA is engaged in a full frontal assault on refineries and glass plants. Refineries have to add fence line pollution monitors so they can author their own demise. The new ozone rules announced Tuesday reduce the particulate matter to such a low level that 80% of the wood burning stoves in the country will not meet the requirements. The EPA wants to kill fossil fuels and wood stoves.

Who needs these people?


  1. The epa is extremely dangerous to We the People on many fronts. They need to be shut down and held accountable for the damage done to these rivers that have been contaminated. This spill has endangered lives by the heavy metals people and animals are now being exposed to.

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