Head of Baby Chop Shop Is Concerned About Judge Gorsuch’s “Disturbing” History


Cecile Richards, the head of the abortion mill Planned Parenthood, said the confirmation hearings should “probe” Neil Gorsuch’s “disturbing history on women’s issues.” Neil Gorsuch of course is the squeaky clean nominee for Supreme Court Justice that the left is out gunning for.

Judge Gorsuch has a disturbing history? What about Planned Parenthood’s history of selling baby parts? Let’s go back further and consider their founder, bigoted eugenicist Margaret Sanger.

The fact is Planned Parenthood can survive very nicely without federal funding. The organization is a money launderer for the Democrat Party. The Democrats secure federal funding for them and they in turn support Democrat candidates with large donations and workers in the field at election time.

Cecile did not receive a positive reaction. The responses below were typical. Even people who are pro-abortion don’t believe in selling baby parts in the way she was selling them and since sonograms have shown us how fully-developed late term babies are, people aren’t supportive of abortion later in a pregnancy either.

Neil Gorsuch’s views aren’t disturbing, Richards are. She is the extremist. Gorsuch will follow the Constitution in any case – he will follow the law – and not serve as an activist jurist.


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6 years ago

Richards is nothing but a CEO wanting more money for her organization and herself. Unprincipled people such as her will continually argue for more without any conscience. Woe to any young female that considers her a role model.