Healthcare dot Gov Is Down for Extended Repairs on Eve of Grand Reopening



If you don’t have health insurance, take an aspirin and call me in the morning.

With hours to go until the public gets to see the rebranded healthcare dot gov website, it went down at 9 pm for extended repairs. Don’t worry, it will be fine tomorrow. Oh, wait, that’s been changed, it will be 80% fine.

Mr. Obama will need to shoot down a Chinese plane to distract people from Obamacare and even that might not work.

HHS claims that there has been a surge of interested applicants which has caused problems. That’s believable.

The application and enrollment sections will be unavailable until 8 am Saturday.

The payment options are not working and insurers are concerned people will pay and not be covered. The information is coming into insurance companies inaccurately and in many cases, it’s not coming in at all.

On the eve of the deadline, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius advised users to shop on the website during “off-peak hours,” which she described as “mornings/nights/weekends.”

The site is only designed to handle 50,000 people and if there is a surge of say, 200,000, it could crash. As a point of interest, Amazon can handle 8 million at a time.



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