Healthcare Dot Gov Scores 100%! It Is 100% Insecure


Healthcare dot gov isn’t just malfunctioning, it’s dangerous! That is according to an independent cybersecurity expert, David Kennedy. He told Congress today that the 20+ vulnerabilities that existed in November still exist and it’s even worse.

One of the worst problems is hackers can put malicious code onto the website and use that to get into applicants computers and take control of their computers.

While it’s believed hackers have not been successful so far, the experts say it can happen and it’s very dangerous.

The Obama Administration transferred the contract for the website from CGI Federal, the company that built this monstrosity, to Accenture for another 90 million dollars.  Kathleen Sebelius, whom we fondly call Nurse Ratched, said that the site doesn’t need to be taken down and rebuilt. Hmmm….


Kathleen Sebelius

This is an administration that looks at 200 million text messages a day and has little regard for anyone’s privacy.

While this is all going on, you will be happy to know that we just spent another $52 million on ads with Magic Johnson and Alonzo Mourning touting Obamacare. They are going to try and convince the young to risk their security and pay through the nose for healthcare.

Yeah, that’ll work.