Doesn’t Work and You Won’t Keep Your Doctor


mission accomplished

The White House said that healthcare dot gov is now working for most people and there will be no more major glitches. That is according to Reuters. The government claims they have met their goals, which are different from the goals we were originally promised by Mr. Obama.

Unfortunately, the government set the bar very low because the security of the site still does not meet minimal requirements.

The website has verification problems among other problems that I would describe as major glitches though the government obviously doesn’t. People can’t get insurance yet but the government met its goals. That’s what counts.

The website is operating smoothly but needs more fixes, government officials say. It can now allegedly handle 800,000 users instead of 50,000. (Amazon handles 8 million at a time). It has a one second response time and far fewer errors according to Obama officials. They are expecting problems at peak traffic volumes.

Mission Accomplished!

Apparently healthcare dot gov gives an error message during the signup process. If this were a private business, it would be going out of business.

Watch to this video about glitches today:

One left-leaning website titled an article, “ Is Working, So There’.  Pitiful that.

Perhaps they could fix Obamacare itself now. I doubt they will because all they care about is controlling our healthcare. It was never actually about giving us good healthcare.

Unfortunately, you might not keep your doctor in addition to not keeping your health insurance. The networks Obamacare is using are extremely restrictive so they can keep costs down. The plans are paying doctors very little and plan to pay even less. They are renegotiating fees as we speak.

It’s the end of private practice doctors. They will be forced into hospitals to keep afloat and to avoid the legal risks that Obamacare imposes on them.

Doctors will be shift employees and won’t have their own complement of patients. The caring doctor who is looking out for you could be a thing of the past.

Doctors will also get a package fee for each patient and they won’t make any extra money for doing more for their patients.

Expect long waits and don’t think you will easily get a second opinion or go to some of the best hospitals – they aren’t in the exchanges.

The government is renegotiating Medicaid Plus fees with doctors as well. Medicaid Plus offers the most minimal government healthcare.

Anyone who goes into Obamacare will lose some if not all of their doctors. That would be millions of people who won’t keep all their doctors.

As long as the unions, Congress, the president, Obama cronies and the super rich have good healthcare, that is all that matters.