Just Hear Me Out, Fight For Donald Trump


We need to fight for Donald Trump because he is fighting for us. He might be a chauvinist, but as a woman, I don’t care. Man up ladies! Look at the war we are engaged in and embrace the man willing to fight it at great cost to himself and his family. Be grateful someone is willing to do it.

He tweets things that make some cringe but they need to keep a sense of humor. The President often distances himself from the proper decorum, but these are unusual times. There is nothing decorous about the violent Communists and other radical groups marching in the streets and bombarding townhalls.

The are the Democratic Party.

George Bush was dignified and would not respond to constant verbal assaults from the left. He allowed the left to lie about him and besmirch his character. It ended up undermining his presidency. When he ignored their attacks, he let all his supporters down. The leftists were attacking all who supported him.

John McCain was proper, went by the rules, and wouldn’t bring up Barack Obama’s Communist history from Frank Marshall Davis to Bill Ayers to Reverend Wright. He ignored Obama’s limited work history which centered on rabble rousing as a community organizer. We lost the election.

Mitt Romney was almost perfect but it got him nowhere. The left lied about him allegedly killing an innocent woman with cancer, blew up an incident about a dog on the roof of his car and ranted about him cutting a classmate’s hair when he was 18. No one cared that Obama actually ate dogs.

Certainly Barack Obama could put on a dignified front, even as he berated the Republicans to make them into objects of scorn.

Barack Obama is the one who colluded with Medvedev and promised he could do more after his “next election”. He’s the one who put naked men in women’s showers in the military, weaponized government agencies, and gave away our resources and our wealth.

He did it while putting on a very stately appearance.

He is the only president who will not go away. Obama has engaged an army of judges, agency embeds, and thousands of leftists in the streets and in Republican townhalls. The DNC is in debt but Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) is raking in the dough.

The OFA is the shadow presidency only a leftist would put into action. His consigliere Valerie Jarrett has moved into his mansion in D.C. to help him in his endeavor.

OFA is even working with pornographic websites to force the administration into keeping Net Neutrality. They are working on keeping Obamacare, high taxes, and leaking classified information.

We are in a war with the mob. They have machine guns and we brought our book of rules.

Get smart!

Barack Obama had the right appearance as do most Alinskyites, but he couldn’t tell the truth, not about Fast & Furious, the IRS targeting, the open borders, Benghazi, or Healthcare. He stirred up racial animus to turn blacks against whites and the police in his war on America.

These people rioting in Portland, funded by Soros and portrayed as freedom fighters on the pages of the NY Times, are the Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrns of today. They aren’t fighting the corrupt system. They are the corrupt system.

They are transforming us into a Marxist empire. Having remade our media, our universities, and our culture, they seek to silence all opposition for the final assault.

All that stands in the way is Donald Trump and Republicans, some of whom don’t understand they are in a fight of their lives.

While the left has fought in the streets, the right has rested comfortably unaware.

President Trump is the right man for these times and he can tweet all he wants. Who cares if he tells Mrs. Macron she’s in great shape? She is.

He’s the street fighter we need.

All hard-fought and successful American wars have had tough leaders from the Revolution to the Civil War to the World Wars.

Wars aren’t won with a book of etiquette.

Please read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. It is the bible for the left. Hillary was a great admirer and Obama taught Alinksy. The Chicago lowlife was a Socialist thug who prided himself on winning with deceit. He dedicated his book to Lucifer and said “he’d organize Hell.”

He is the one who told the Communists to put on suits and act refined. Isolate the enemy and ridicule them, he further advised. It is what Trump is using against the enemy – their own rulebook.

Trump is using it against the media. The media is actively engaged in this war. They are the fake news.

Why didn’t the media report on Barack Obama’s close ties to foreign terrorists like Rashid Khalidi or the mafia, Tony Rezko? Why don’t they tell the truth about the leftist thugs marching in the streets? These people wave Communist signs in reporters’ faces but are treated as legitimate opposition.

Trump is pushing the media into exposing who they really are, just as he is bringing out the core evil in the Democratic Party. As their hyperbolic and vicious attacks become more pronounced, peoples’ eyes are opening. People now wonder what the Democratic Party stands for beyond hate.

Donald Trump is our wartime president and he is up to it.

As General Patton once said, “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” In our case, we are fighting for freedom and the other side is fighting for oppression.

Listen to this defense of Donald Trump from a most unusual source, a Stein and Bernie supporter.


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