Hear Ye Climate Hysterics! The Real Threat Is the Coming Ice Age


The dangerous Al Gore who politicized science

An Environmental Scientist in East Anglia, Vijay Jayaraj warns that our emphasis on anti-fossil fuel technologies has left us vulnerable to an upcoming cooling that some scientists say has already begun.

In an article at American Thinker, he states unequivocally that global cooling is the real climate threat.

He states that the main variable affecting climate is not CO2, which has a very low correlation to global warming, but rather it is solar activity. Unfortunately, NASA has bowed to the global warming agenda. NASA has taken the page pointing to that truth down from public view.


Carbon Dioxide, he says, is one of many factors in global temperature, and it has a small role. He writes:

Between 2000 and 2018, global temperature showed no significant increase despite a steep increase in carbon dioxide emissions from anthropogenic sources.  The same was the case between the years 1940 and 1970.  When carbon dioxide concentration increases at a constant and steady rate and temperature doesn’t follow the pattern, we can be certain that carbon dioxide is not the primary driver of global temperature.

Life on Earth is possible because of the posturing of the sun and it is the sun that largely determines Earth’s atmospheric and surface temperatures. That is what NASA once said in public.

The author doesn’t mince words:

With the advent of dangerous man-made global warming theory, CO2 has taken the limelight, and the sun has been relegated to a mere spectator.


Mr. Jayaraj explains that during the times of the Maunder Minimum and Dalton Minimum — periods of low solar activity — the Earth experienced the coldest period of the Little Ice Age. England’s River Thames froze. It has frozen over about 23 times. Whole civilizations collapsed due to starvation. Likewise, the author writes, during the Roman Warm Period and Medieval Warm Period, warmer temperatures brought thriving crops and greater nutrition.

Over the past 18 years, there has been no significant warming as there is a lull in solar activity, providing more confirmation.

Some scientists predict another major cooling soon with some saying it’s here.  Even NASA admits the cooling trend. The next cooling trend could be severe and the efforts we are making today, including the renewable energy sources and anti-fossil fuel developmental policies, are incompatible in fighting severe cold weather.

It leaves us highly vulnerable, and all because of global warming alarmists’ neglect of climate reality and the power-hungry climate agenda currently dominating national and international politics.


Read the details at The American Thinker. The fact is we don’t really know what’s happening or going to happen. All climate scientists have are computer models based on their assumptions. They have to continually change their predictions as their theories do or do not pan out.

The coming Ice Age has been considered a possibility for years, but we won’t hear much about it.

When the California drought hit in 2011, we were told by experts it would be the endless drought. The endless drought has ended despite the predictions because of all the snow they had.

The truth is the scientists don’t know, but the politicized climate science will force us to become far more vulnerable should the ice age come over the next decade.

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