You Heard How the World Fears Trump, Here’s How Afghanistan Feels


President Obama with Afghan Ambassador Mohib

Historians disagree on the competence of the Bush administration in foreign affairs, many believe he was too heavy-handed. We went from that to a lead-from-behind leftist who toured the world apologizing for the United States and telling the world all U.S. whites are racists.

The former president ignored green-on-blue crimes but had been very quick to criticize George Bush for war deaths, seemingly forgetting the Afghan War was the Democrats’ good war.

The world was told Afghanistan and Iraq were ready for a U.S. pullout when they obviously weren’t. Obama even traded five top Taliban leaders for a U.S. deserter and ordered the corrupt President Karzai to negotiate with the Taliban.

The great appeaser withdrew on a dime from Iraq, turning it over to Iran; negotiated from incredible weakness with Iran; and portrayed himself as having elevated the United State’s standing in the world.

People were left believing that and with the European socialists, that was likely the case. Democrats would also have us believe the world is afraid with Trump in charge. One would expect the Ambassador to at least echo those sentiments.

That makes this next part of the story all the more amazing.

Independent Journal Review published an article by reporter Benny Johnson who recently dined with the current Afghan Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib. Friday night, Mohib hosted a dinner at his residence for Gold Star wives, the wives of American soldiers who gave their lives fighting in his home country.

He was asked about how the new President was being received by the Afghan people. His answer was quite unexpected. “The Obama administration,” he said, “was the most academic administration we have ever had to deal with but the Trump administration has been the most thoughtful and intelligent”.

The Ambassador has met with President Trump and spoken with him over the phone twice. He was prepared to have a brief conversation because he was told Trump didn’t care about details and had a short attention span.

Then comes the stunning part:

However, we were pleasantly surprised at how much time President Trump spent asking very informed questions. The first time the presidents spoke, the questions Trump asked impressed us. “How can you win in this fight [against terrorism]?” he asked. “What do you need to become financially independent?” and “How can American business invest in Afghanistan? How can we develop businesses and mining in your country?”

Trump would listen intently after each question, often asking follow-ups. Trump’s second call with our president was even longer than the first. Asking these types of questions for our country is something the Obama administration never did. The Obama administration was the most academic administration we have ever had to deal with but the Trump administration has been the most thoughtful and intelligent.

Trump continually asked “How can you win? What does Afghanistan need to win?” in reference to our fight with terrorism. Trump wants to win. Sincerely. All the Obama administration wanted to do was not lose.

The Obama administration was hesitant with us. The enemy could sense that. When the Obama administration announced its plans to pull troops out of the region, they announced the exact date they would do it. All our enemies had to do was wait [Obama] out. They knew the date they had to hang on until — which gave them the will to fight. They used that time to recruit and build up resources.

To bring real reform, we must be able to defeat enemies outside our country and inside. We must overthrow the Afghan warlords who are profiteering off the war. Every time we tried to remove one of them from power, [Secretary John] Kerry would say “no” because it would potentially make it unstable and require more troops be brought in. The entire Obama administration was too cautious, but Kerry was the most cautious. Perhaps the Obama administration was fatigued by the time we assumed power. [President Ghani assumed power in September of 2014.] But Trump is very different from Obama in this way.

This is good, for the future of Afghanistan.”

I urge people to read the entire article for his full response to the question and the remainder of the article by Mr. Johnson. When Americans are told the former president elevated us and the current president is making fools of us, we need to consider that might be fake news. Obama betrayed our allies and cuddled up to our enemies because his entire foreign policy was textbook-based.

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