Heartless Socialist Jane Sanders Tried to Evict Disabled People After Her Shady Land Deal


It turns out that Jane Sanders is cruel and tried to evict disabled people from their group home.

First, a little background. Bernie Sanders’s wife Jane is under FBI investigation for a bad land deal and possible bank fraud while she served as President of Burlington College. Jane Sanders might have falsified documents to acquire a $10 million dollar loan to purchase the land from the Roman Catholic Diocese. Her husband is also under investigation and is accused of pressuring the bank to give the loan.

Turns out she’s also an unkind and incompetent administrator

Socialist Jane wanted disabled people forced out of their group home located on the property the school purchased. The terms of the deal required her to negotiate the transfer of the disabled but she went right to eviction.

Judicial Watch obtained records that include her lengthy letter to an attorney in which she heartlessly makes her demands.

“It is simply not fair to expect the college to continue to carry the burden of the expenses associated with housing both your population and ours until February 2012.”

In the letter, she complained that she was having trouble evicting the 16 handicapped residents from their building.

The home for the disabled was being leased from the diocese. Jane was supposed to help relocate the residents, not evict them. The exchange shows Jane’s heartlessness. It also exposes her incompetence as the college president for not ensuring the negotiated transfer of those disabled people before the school took over the property.

Jane and her husband are typical Socialists who are very generous with other peoples’ money. For example, they want single-payer healthcare which gives free healthcare to all. They expect the healthcare to be provided at the expense of the productive members of society. However, it’s a different story when it’s their money.

You can listen to the video as Bernie angrily defends his wife when CNN’s Erin Burnett asked him about the probe. What’s really funny is when he says the college was in better shape when she left than when she was first hired. She bankrupted the school!


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