Heather McGhee says Green New Deal Is Least We Must Do


The first study to come out on the costs of the Green New Deal would mean every household would have to fork over $600,000 to implement the parts of it that we know about. It’s a very conservative estimate. It is vital that Americans become educated because the polling does point to support for this absolutely lunatic plan.

Heather McGhee, a distinguished senior fellow and former president of Demos, a non-profit progressive U.S. think tank, said the Green New Deal is “absolutely the minimum we need to do to stave off planetary disaster.”

About 70 Democrats, including presidential candidates, are getting behind it, proving it is very dangerous. But even more dangerous is the polling.


The polling is by left-leaning pollsters and they ask questions about the pie-in-the-sky ideas which could sound great to the ill-informed. However, there is a very alarming trend to watch given the fact that the plan calls for a Socialist takeover of the United States.

The 80 percent figure McGhee spoke of comes from Yale/George Mason

In December, more than 80 percent of registered voters support the Green New Deal proposal being pushed by progressional Democratic lawmakers, a poll found.

The survey conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication found that 92 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of Republicans back the Green New Deal plan.

Both pollsters are very left-wing, and what they don’t broadcast here is that 82 percent of Americans at the time didn’t know what the Green New Deal was.

Welfare & Unions

If you will notice, 48 percent approve of the deal because these are the people who don’t pay federal taxes and get a lot of freebies.

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll in February had similar results.

In a February 15-19 survey conducted among 1,914 registered voters, 48 percent said they support the Green New Deal resolution introduced in Congress. Twenty-eight percent said they oppose the measure, and almost a quarter of voters (24 percent) said they were unsure or had no opinion. The poll’s margin of error is 2 percentage points.

Almost one in two voters overall (49 percent) said they support the inclusion of workers’ rights and union job creation in the Green New Deal, compared with 28 percent of voters who oppose it and 24 percent who are unsure or without an opinion.

Trump did not do well on the poll, but it was consistent with most polling.

Americans love the Socialist ideas but not the Socialist takeover

The left-wing Business Insider poll claims 62% see the earth as warming as a result of human activities. [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also sees cows as an imminent danger.]

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal House resolution broadly calls for the US to address climate change through a 10-year mobilization to make the US economy carbon-neutral by moving to 100% renewable energy while simultaneously guaranteeing a job to every American who wants one.

The 43 percent in this poll also includes the people who don’t pay taxes.

A plurality of respondents – 43.7% – agreed with the Green New Deal proposal as a whole, with 16.3% strongly agreeing, 13.9% agreeing, and 13.5% somewhat agreeing. Just 14.7% disagreed with it, and about 24.3% said they didn’t know enough to say.

A lot depends on how they asked the question and in the case of this poll, they only asked about general ideas related to the Green New Deal.

They polled seven ideas or components of the deal that would be linked to policy priorities, all of which are quite vague. Given the loose nature of the proposals, we asked respondents how important it was to implement these policy proposals, on a scale with five options running from “not at all important” to “extremely important.”

According to this poll, over 87 percent want better infrastructure, zero-emission energy, improved efficiency of new and existing buildings, and they want manufacturing and agriculture to attempt to reach net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions. And 87 percent claim they want the government to invest directly in a high-speed rail system, zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, and clean public transit.

Since when can you get 87 percent of Americans to agree on anything? This has to be looked at with some skepticism. The exact questions were not readily available for us to examine.

Welfare and communist federal job guarantees

Worse yet, Americans want more welfare/freebies and 78 percent want a federal jobs guarantee, according to this poll. Another 69.8% somewhat approved, approved, or strongly approved of the government providing all Americans with high-quality healthcare, affordable housing, economic security, healthy and affordable food, and a clean environment.

And what this is all about is a federal government takeover by the hard-left, but a plurality of people don’t seem to want that.

Just 13% of respondents said they approved of the federal government directly investing and maintaining ownership stakes in businesses working to meet the policy goals of the Green New Deal. About 42% of respondents said they either disapproved or strongly disapproved of such action.

Americans values appear to be changing if these polls are accurate

All of this should concern freedom-loving Americans. The Green New Deal would mean a complete takeover of the pillars of society in a Socialist power grab, and while a plurality of people has a vague idea of not wanting that, they like the Socialist ideas behind it.

Whether the polls are left-wing influencers or accurate measures, is hard to say, but we don’t believe it. There does, however, appear to be a pattern and cause for concern. The hard-left has successfully incorporated their ideas of income inequality, welfare, wealth redistribution, centralized government, and other communist ideas into our society. These hard-left values are becoming mainstream over the values of self-reliance and individual freedom. The collective is here.

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Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
4 years ago

These commies are starting to get a foothold and we had better wake up. They are serious and this climate change scare is nothing but a fabricated hoax. It’s a democratic ploy and part of their agenda which is tax, spend and scare. to them the sky is always falling.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tim Shepperson

Starting to think the militias were not a bad idea after all

Free Speech Message Board
Free Speech Message Board
4 years ago

Does anyone get the feeling that if our overlords decreed that everyone must have their thumbs amputated, Americans would agree that the law makes sense and must be obeyed?