Heeding lessons from the Gipper in the 1st Congressional District


The article below was posted in the North Shore of Long Island papers in February. Today seems like a good day to post it. It addresses the campaign style of perennial congressional candidate George Demos.

There was a debate between George Demos and Lee Zeldin this evening which Zeldin won hands down but which Demos told his followers by email that he won.

We will post excerpts of the debate tomorrow and people can decide for themselves.

Newsday’s report included a statement from Bishop’s campaign spokesman, Keith Davies, claiming both Demos and Zeldin are tea party people like the ones who shut down the government.

We don’t even have much of a tea party on Long Island.

Tim Bishop plans to attack the winner of the Republican primary saying he’s a radical tea party person though he will most certainly fail to mention that he – Bishop – is an Occupy Wall Street supporter. Having spent time with the occupiers, I can say definitively that they are almost all communists and socialists.

Every two years, George Demos does everything in his power to destroy the chances of any Republican to beat Tim Bishop. He rips into the Republican challengers and has far less to say about Bishop, yet he claims he’s a conservative Republican.

He lives in Manhattan but rents on Long Island every two years during election time. During the last election, he pulled out to get married. One might assume that he knew he was going to get married and only entered the race to act as a spoiler.

He is working hard to harm his opponent and lying seems to be no problem, inventing issues where there are none. He’s Tim Bishop’s best ally in this race.

No one knows better how Demos operates than Randy Altschuler’s former campaign manager, Christopher Maloney. He wrote the following piece in February of this year.


Heeding lessons from the Gipper in the 1st Congressional District

By Christopher Maloney

Last week, Republicans, Democrats and independent-minded voters turned their gaze to one of America’s fondest 20th Century statesmen, Ronald Reagan. President Reagan continues to live on as a celebrated leader not only for his accomplishments but also due to his leadership capabilities and fervent desire to expand the appeal and inclusive nature of our party. That’s a mantle every Republican should desire to embrace, and a lesson that is apparently lost on George Demos, a recurring candidate for Congress in New York’s First Congressional District.

President Ronald Reagan file photo

President Ronald Reagan/ file photo

Conservative Republican candidates wear Ronald Reagan’s legacy and accomplishments as a badge of honor and the personification of their philosophy. What are equally important however are the life lessons our 40th president espoused through his actions. I found myself awestruck when Mr. Demos was laudatory of Reagan’s 103rd birthday, seeing that he is such a dedicated violator of the Gipper’s 11th Commandment — the one that preaches, “thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

In recent weeks, Demos has sought to make up for his apparent lack of grassroots support in Suffolk County by manufacturing misleading assertions to tear down a competitor for the Republican nomination, New York State Sen. Lee Zeldin. George’s latest attack claims that Lee voted in support of implementing Obamacare in New York. Voters didn’t fall for George’s tricks in 2010, and they shouldn’t now.

The truth is that the state Senate in Albany lacked the ability to prevent Obamacare exchanges from opening — that authority lies in Washington with the U.S. Congress and President Barack Obama. In fact, it was actually Gov. Andrew Cuomo who unilaterally created the exchange after Senate Republicans stood in his way. This is why it’s so critical for us to retire Rep. Tim Bishop and take back this congressional seat. Lee is on the record against Obamacare, and thankfully he’ll fight to repeal many of its job-crushing provisions once he’s elected to Congress.

I’m no stranger to George’s attacks. I guided Randy Altschuler’s bid for Congress in 2010 and witnessed firsthand the sneaky tactics Demos clings to on the campaign trail. After both Republican and Conservative party voters rejected him at the polls in 2010, George resurfaced once again in 2011 to level widely discredited assertions against Randy. Whatever points Mr. Demos lacks in truthfulness he more than makes up for in consistency, because yet again he’s back to orchestrating a tired campaign increasingly defined by it’s own negativity.

Shockingly, Demos has also taken to branding Zeldin, an honorable veteran who served overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom, as a “career politician.” The assertion is not only wrong, it’s blatantly offensive and it has no place in what should be a serious debate over how we can actively achieve job creation for Long Island families.

Republican candidates would be wise to keep their focus trained on the man responsible for perpetrating Barack Obama’s failed economic policies: Tim Bishop. The six-term incumbent has served as a career lackey of Nancy Pelosi and remains under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for shady campaign dealings involving leveraging the official duties of his office in return for campaign contributions. According to Congressional Quarterly, Bishop has supported Barack Obama’s failed agenda more than 90 percent of the time over the past five years. Campaign ads grounded in facts write themselves, so why resort to making things up?

The game George is playing is obvious. It’s clear that he needs to manufacture these poll-tested attacks in order to make up for his lack of tangible support among primary voters. If Mr. Demos truly wants to be successful, he’ll focus less on birthdays and more on the honorable leadership lessons associated with President Reagan’s celebrated legacy. Anything short of that represents an insult not only to the Gipper, but also to committed Republican primary voters in the First Congressional District.

Christopher Maloney presently serves as vice president at the Black Rock Group, a Republican media affairs firm. He is a former national spokesman for Mitt Romney and was Randy Altschuler’s campaign manager in 2009 and 2010.


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