Heidi Heitkamp’s Staff Says She’s Going to Go SUPER LIB When Elected


Fake moderate Heidi Heitkamp is exposed once again in a James O’Keefe video. Her staff ratted her out. They admitted she is a Progressive and will go super liberal once she wins her election.

“She said after the election, if and when she gets elected, she’s going to be super liberal,” said one staffer.

She’s hiding her true intent so as not to piss people off before the election, the staffer says on the video.

“If the country would move further to the left, she would move to the left,” says one staffer.

She can shift in either direction, however, another staffer assures the interviewer. “The one thing about politicians is they’re politicians.”

While none of this is surprising for today’s politicians, it’s unacceptable and disgusting.

From what I’ve read, Kevin Cramer decided to contest her in this race because of all the calls he received begging him to run.

He seems popular. It looks like North Dakotans have a good handle on Heidi and her days as a senator might be over.

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