“Heil Hitler, Heil Trump” Theater Yeller Is a Moonbat Trump Hater


A man shouted “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump” in a crowded Baltimore theater Wednesday, It is said to have caused a panic among some members of the audience. Witnesses say the man shouted the anti-Semitic comment and raised a Nazi salute during the intermission of “Fiddler on the Roof,” which is being performed at the Hippodrome Theater.

Rich Scherr was in the audience at the time and recorded part of the disturbance, posting it on Facebook.

“People started running,” Scherr told The Baltimore Sun. “I’ll be honest, I was waiting to hear a gunshot. I thought, ‘Here we go.

Security took him away. The media went wild making it about President Trump. Even though the President is very pro-Israel with a Jewish family, the media makes Trump into an anti-Semite. Many in the media updated their stories to reflect the fact that the Heil Hitler jerk is a leftist who hates Trump.

The man, identified as Anthony Derlunas, 58, was drunk and was motivated by a hatred of President Trump,  The Baltimore Sun reported. He’ll be excused then. If he were a right-wing jerk, the news would have gone on for days.



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