Hell’s a Comin’! Mad Max Will Wield Tremendous Power In Her New Role


Mad Maxine Waters, voted one of the most corrupt congressmen in Congress by CREW, will be in charge of the U.S. finances. As if that isn’t absurd enough, she vows to get even with President Trump and all of Wall Street. She will have a great deal of power to make them all miserable.

The California Democrat/Socialist has subpoena power as head of a powerful congressional committee overseeing the financial sector.

Waters, who wanted to impeach the president before he was inaugurated, also hates the banking industry. She will wield the gavel on the House Financial Services Committee, giving her the authority to launch investigations into Trump’s bank transactions.

We just want to take a moment to thank all those Republicans who didn’t bother to vote or who voted for the party of socialists [sarcasm]. You really helped make life more miserable for normal Americans.

Industry representatives are bracing for heated hearings and rebukes from Waters, who has proposed breaking up big banks and major penalties for allegedly scandal-ridden Wells Fargo. They’re also aware that politics will infuse much of the committee’s agenda, The Hill reports.

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