Here are 8 So-Called Republicans Who Voted for Bogus Gun Control Bill

Eight House Republicans voted with Democrats on Wednesday to support Trojan Horse gun control legislation, The Hill reported.

The oppressive bill’s ultimate goal is to lay the groundwork for a national registry so they can easily confiscate guns.

The GOP defectors are the following representatives: Peter King who co-authored the bill with Democrat Mike Thompson, Brian Fitzpatrick, Brian Mast, Fred Upton, Chris Smith, Vern Buchanan, Mario Diaz-Balart, Will Hurd.

They are RINOs all.

There is a good article at The Federalist which explains how bogus this bill is. As they write, it’s a de facto federal gun registry:

This Creates a De Facto Federal Gun Registry

It is currently illegal for the federal government to maintain a database of ownership of standard firearms (not including silencers, machine guns, etc.). There is a good reason for this ban on a federal gun registry: the government can only confiscate firearms if it first knows where they are all located.

The natural conclusion to this law’s enforcement would be the creation of a database tracking the lawful transfers, and therefore current possessors, of all firearms in this country.

Although a registry is not mentioned in the bill, it is a logical conclusion. After all, how could such a universal background check law ever be enforced absent a national gun registry showing who passed a background check, when, and for which particular firearms?

For law enforcement to prove that a firearm was purchased in a private transaction, they would need to know who was the most recent lawful possessor. Of course, someone with a lawfully possessed firearm could have a receipt from a gun store, but that could be lost or faked.

The natural conclusion to this law’s enforcement would be the creation of a database tracking the lawful transfers, and therefore current possessors, of all firearms in this country. It would be bad enough if the government were to maintain and use such a list, but what if hackers stole that list (just as they stole the personnel records of millions of federal employees)? Suddenly, violent criminals in search of weapons would have a perfect map showing which homes to ransack when nobody’s home.

Mass shootings and gun violence are horrible, and we should try to stop them. However, demands for more gun control only make plain the truth that gun control cannot stop violence.

Current gun control isn’t enough. The latest gun control proposal is no different. It would do nothing to end gun violence, but it would drastically increase the burdens on law-abiding citizens who only wish to defend themselves and their families from the violent criminals who don’t care whether something is against the law or not.



    • A lifelong Republican I refused to vote for Brian Fitzpatrick in the last two elections and support constituents who are actively seeking a challenger to him in the next election.

      • Haven’t you realized, yet, that voting doesn’t matter anymore!? Sheesh! No matter who wins, the Left to what they like. The 9th Circuit is their cudgel. If the courts fail to “legitimize” their duplicity…then they’re army of media and college students take to the streets with lies and violence.

  1. The consensus of Brian Fitzpatrick’s constituents is that this guy is the first to show up for a photo-op and the last to vote for the Republicans he claims to represent. Fitzpatrick is, and has been, a disgrace to his office and sits in Congress today for the mere fact his last challenger was one step below AOC in his political beliefs.

  2. Congressman Will Hurd of Texas also said that “Trump’s border crisis is a myth”. What does he have to ‘gain’ by joining the Dems, or is he one?

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