Here are the 11 teams who might hire kneeling Colin Kaepernick


The NFL released a list of eleven professional football teams that will attend the workout event they planned for Colin Kaepernick on Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Colin with his Castro shirt, not political at all, right NFL?

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Wednesday that the NFL will not provide Kaepernick with a list of executives and coaches who will be in attendance.

The league posted the list in a message from their official social media account.

“We are looking forward to Saturday’s workout with Colin. Eleven teams — Arizona, Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Miami, New England, New York Giants, New York Jets, Tampa Bay, and Washington — have already committed to attend, and it’s only Thursday,” they tweeted.

They are expecting more.

Kneeling Kaepernick has been out for two years but says he’s kept in shape.

Schefter put out a news release of his stats, concluding, “In summary, it is difficult to think of another young player in NFL history with statistics and character as impressive as Colin’s not being given an opportunity to earn a spot on an NFL roster after what he has accomplished.”


Kaepernick wearing cops are pigs socks

Colin Kaepernick has accomplished a lot. He spread anti-police propaganda and showed disrespect for the police, the military, the flag, and the anthem. He trotted around in a Fidel Castro t-shirt and wore cops as pigs socks on the practice field. He’s politicized football and divided Americans more than was the case previously.

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