Here Are the Republicans Who Voted with Dems During an Invasion


The vote to stop President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration has passed 59 to 41. The only reason some of the 12 Republicans passed it was to embarrass the President, except for Rand Paul, and perhaps Mike Lee, who consistently support the Constitution. There was nothing illegal about the President’s declaration and there is a precedent for it.

The embarrassment is not the President’s, it’s the Republicans who voted to indirectly keep our border unsecured.

Senators Mitt Romney, a feckless RINO, Rob Portman, RINO, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, and Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, RINOs, Marco Rubio, an untrustworthy Republican, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Constitutionalists, Jerry Moran, Roger Wicker, Roy Blount, all voted with the Socialists who want to take this country down and keep our borders open.

Thom Tillis changed his mind and supported the President.

Senator Tom Cotton tried to change their minds.

“We have reached a moment of crisis, but it’s not a constitutional crisis. It’s a crisis at the border, a crisis of American sovereignty. When hundreds of thousands of foreigners arrive at the southern border and demand entry, that’s not migration. That an emergency,” he said.

His speech was amazing.

These useless Republicans gave Charles Schumer, an evil man, the power to say Thursday’s vote could be “more difficult” for Republicans given Trump’s penchant for “threatening, bullying or publicly castigating members of his own party.”

“But I would say to them, I would say to every Republican, there are times when loyalty to America, to our Constitution, to our principles, to what has made this country great should lead members to rise above, rise to the occasion,” he said. “I hope, I pray this moment is one of those times.”

Schumer is a disgusting amoral hack.

These GOP losers knew it would be used against the President. The embarrassment is on them.



  1. Notebook in hand, the names of all the crap RINOS and feckless Republicans who voted against border security I have written down. I will give Rand Paul and Mike Lee a “squeaky” pass as particularly Rand Paul, A LIBERTARIAN not a Republican is always as a LIBERTARIAN against any and all big government, expanding ANY power to the Executive Branch , and of course money money money no spend the money to keep from pushing our debt further. Rand Paul is quite consistent on his beliefs, and Mike Lee, who is definitely heavily leaning LIBERTARIAN and not really a full on Republican,,,,ok pass on Lee, but the rest of the traitors who voted against our President ARE in my notebook and they WILL be getting lots of mail,email , phone calls from myself and other of my Republican friends, family and acquaintances. While I am not really all that surprised, I still am wondering what the hell these jerks are thinking!!!??? At this point in time, and with the crisis at the border, which I KNOW IS REAL ,(I have done my homework and know the facts) I am actually wishing that Trump could make himself a benevolent Dictator for a few months so he could TAKE CARE of this HUGE problem of unsecured immigration, human trafficking , sex trade trafficking, child abuse by coyotes and the cartels, the rape of women and girls, the huge amounts of drugs, and more recently the overwhelmingly lethal Fentanyl that is coming in and spreading all over this country killing hundreds of people every week. It isn’t that I am some bigot , racist, loon that does not want brown, yellow, green, or whatever color people coming into the country….NO and Absolutely NO….I just want what sane people want, reform of the immigration laws and policies that have more holes than swiss cheese, more diligent accounting of our Temp Visa programs, student Visas , get rid of Visa lotter, chain immigration and for heavens sake, take the so called “birthright citizenship” issue to SCOTUS, as the interpretation of that is vague and needs to be looked at, and if SCOTUS doesn’t reinterpret to stop it, then a Convention of States to deal with CHANGING an amendment needs to happen. Convention of States also needs to happen to impose term limits on our CORRUPT congress immediately. THEY will never do it themselves, they have it too good and are lining their pockets with all the money they are on the take for. Damn few totally ethical and honest people in Congress. I have ZERO confidence at the moment in Congress and I think many feel the same way. And it is not about being Dem or Republican either….both sides have corrupt members and both sides have members who do not give a diddlers’ damn about the very constituents who put them in office. TERM LIMITS NOW. Educate everyone you know that is duh about politics and government and Convention of States. Most generally I find that people are unaware of it. My people perish for a lack of knowledge.

  2. None of the twelve Republican Senators that voted against the bill share a border with Mexico especially that one up there in Alaska. How would they know if it was an national emergency or not.

    • They should know this is not just a border crisis but a crisis that covers the entire country. The criminal trespassers are a cancer that keeps spreading it’s infection everywhere it goes and there’s not one state except Hawaii or maybe Alaska that it hasn’t touched.

  3. I blame every American that voted in these miscreants. They should have worked for and strongly supported REAL Conservatives who truly love America. Not these artificial Trump hating douche bags like Mitt, the nitwit, Romney. Susan Collins, who never met a liberal policy she didn’t love, And Marco Rubio, the alleged Conservative who wants to allow ALL of his family and friends to come and go from down south as they please. Shame on all of them and I hope that if some illegal commits a horrific crime, it’s not against a member of their family. Though better theirs than mine.

    • I agree with you we need to put these treasionist traitor pigs in prison for siding with our enimies instead of the American people they swore to protect!!!! Then they need a trial an then a hanging!!! We need to show a nashtional wide televised hanging of these treasionist traitor pigs an show the whole world this is how we deal with treasionist traitor pigs to America !!!! These pigs the demorats an rinorats in congress can all go suck it up their tailpipes!!! Vote them out as soon as possible!!!! They want to take everything away from us !!!! For all of you who dont believe me do nothing wait an see it will happen!!! I say FREEDOM Freedom Freedom!!!!

  4. Mike Lee and Rand get a pass. They’re honorable, principled, Constitutionalists.
    I’m glad to hear jelly spined Thom Tillis went with the prez.

    • Oh hell no, they don’t “get a pass” NOBODY is elected to vote their own beliefs, they are elected to be the REPRESENTATIVE of the people. Their own “beliefs” are totally irrelevant. If they can’t do the job that they were elected to do, they should be thrown out.

    • I heard this morning Thom Tillis’ phone lines were burning up with his constituents mad as he!! about his vote. My guess is that was his stated reason but he changed his vote because it wasn’t needed to appear he listens to the voters. I wonder how he’ll vote in the vote to overturn the veto. I’m betting he will vote to overturn if his vote for that is needed.

  5. These rinorats are all Treasonist Traitor pigs to America !!!! They sold us out to our enimies for power an money an should be arrested an sent to prison. Foe being treasionist traitor pigs to America an siding with our enimies instead of the American people they swore to protect !!!!! Then they should have a trial an a hanging!!! We should have a nashtional wide televised event of tthese treasionist traitor pigs who sided with our enimies instead of the American people the swore to protect!!!! We should do this to show the world this is how we deal with treasionist traitor pigs to America!!!!!!! These pigs can go suck it up their tailpipes !!!!!

    • The dems are treasionist traitor pigs too!!! They can go suck it up their tailpipes too!!! They too sold us out to our enimies instead of protecting America wich they swore to protect!!!

  6. This is bipartisan? I understood that Congress passed a law authorizing the President to declare
    an emergency and use funds available to deal with it. Past Presidents declared such emergencies including Hussein. So what ‘legal/Constitutional’ basis did they have to oppose Trump? They don’t pass immigration reform to correct the incredible mess yet they try to stop Trump from doing what he can. We have long memories!

  7. This is what I wrote to my Senator, Moran. The Senator that looks like the Alien from This Island Earth. His arguments showed a basic lack of understanding of Statutory Law.

    I really can’t believe what I’m hearing and reading. Do you believe your constituents are ignorant and even Stupid??
    Your rationale for the vote on the emergency declaration is weak at best and calls into question your understanding of basic civics. There is Constitutional precedent in his statutory authority. SCOTUS has determined in the past when Congress gives the President Statutory Authority his power is at maximum. Congress has already given POTUS the authority to use emergency powers. If you believe Congress overstepped in its enacting such a Statue then you have the ability to change said law. Until such time he is well within his powers to USE that authority, which means Your arguments are without merit. I suggest you actually READ the statutes and understand he IS following the law set forth by Congress. I submit this is more about supporting those crossing the borders to satisfy a low-wage workforce championed by many in the Party. I warned Rep. Yoder before the election that his stance on this issue would result in his losing his seat. You may know he Did lose that seat. As it stands today, I shall vote for anyone who is a primary opponent.

  8. Rubio was, is, and always will be, a pro-immigration extremist, though he fools many, he has consistently opposed measures to restrict immigration going back to the Florida legislature.

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