Here Are the Republicans Who Voted with Dems During an Invasion


The vote to stop President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration has passed 59 to 41. The only reason some of the 12 Republicans passed it was to embarrass the President, except for Rand Paul, and perhaps Mike Lee, who consistently support the Constitution. There was nothing illegal about the President’s declaration and there is a precedent for it.

The embarrassment is not the President’s, it’s the Republicans who voted to indirectly keep our border unsecured.

Senators Mitt Romney, a feckless RINO, Rob Portman, RINO, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, and Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, RINOs, Marco Rubio, an untrustworthy Republican, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Constitutionalists, Jerry Moran, Roger Wicker, Roy Blount, all voted with the Socialists who want to take this country down and keep our borders open.

Thom Tillis changed his mind and supported the President.

Senator Tom Cotton tried to change their minds.

“We have reached a moment of crisis, but it’s not a constitutional crisis. It’s a crisis at the border, a crisis of American sovereignty. When hundreds of thousands of foreigners arrive at the southern border and demand entry, that’s not migration. That an emergency,” he said.

His speech was amazing.

These useless Republicans gave Charles Schumer, an evil man, the power to say Thursday’s vote could be “more difficult” for Republicans given Trump’s penchant for “threatening, bullying or publicly castigating members of his own party.”

“But I would say to them, I would say to every Republican, there are times when loyalty to America, to our Constitution, to our principles, to what has made this country great should lead members to rise above, rise to the occasion,” he said. “I hope, I pray this moment is one of those times.”

Schumer is a disgusting amoral hack.

These GOP losers knew it would be used against the President. The embarrassment is on them.

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