Here Come the Robots to Save Capitalism!


robot waiters

The United States is becoming an immoral nation that forces one American to pay for another American as if the recipients are entitled because they draw breath and the producers are required to pay for, not only the poor, but the moochers as well.

A minimum wage in the hands of the far-left is a threat to Capitalism. Since the Democratic party is controlled by the far-left, it’s time to pay attention.

USA-Global Fast Food Worker Protest

The $15 an hour minimum wage popping up in a number of cities is speeding the development of automated workers and electronic menus. The new wage is double the current minimum.

automated ordering

The objective for some minimum wage activists is to redefine the minimum wage as a “living wage” – a wage that is high enough to enable people to be able to earn a bare bones living. It eliminates the concept of a second job in America and warps the idea of a part-time or temporary job. Europe doesn’t have these advantages and soon we won’t either.

McDonald’s burger flipping is now a career path.

The push to raise the minimum wage, mostly by the Socialist unions SEIU and AFL-CIO, is aimed at fast food restaurants because they want to unionize them. McDonald’s is a target as is Walmart because they’re not unionized.


Burger-flipping robots and super-fast ovens are on the horizon since 30 percent of the restaurant industry’s costs come from salaries. Kiosk and ­tablet-based ordering is coming soon.

Hamburger robot

The restaurant industry employs 2.4 million waiters, 3 million cooks and food preparers and many of the nation’s more than 3 million cashiers. The industry has been resistant to cuts in labor – until now. There are other incentives for automation, but the new minimum wage is driving the rush.

Robots could even eliminate sushi chefs and some high-end restaurants use machines now to roll rice out on sheets of nori. Sushi chefs make more than $15 an hour but they are on the chopping block if it means restaurant managers can pay for a needed cashier.

If entry-level labor goes up, everything goes up. That’s a fact that is often missed in any discussion of the minimum wage.

On top of all this, the Obama administration’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) passed a rule last year which completely alters the way franchises operate in the United States. In fact the rule guts them.

Franchise operations have been the soul of private business since the country’s founding. For the purpose of employment disputes, the rule allows McDonald’s corporate offices to be sued for disputes at any one of its franchises.

The rule will destroy the corporate model of franchises in America.

This rule and the minimum wage as a living wage are direct attacks on small business and capitalism.

A “living wage” is an annual income that an individual or family can comfortably live on. In this scenario, everyone would make roughly at least 200% of the poverty threshold to be paid for by those who are producing.

Some want all money earned taxed to the max with the government deciding costs, prices and wages. That has always been the danger of any wage and price control.

Mr. Obama talks about some people being recipients of the “lottery” because they are smarter or more talented or are born into better circumstances. Under Marxist social justice reform, that would end. All would have equalized outcomes no matter how much effort they put in.

How that encourages innovation, commitment, or hard work is not explained. Marxist theory teaches people that they are entitled to other peoples’ money and that the producers can not realize the fruits of their labor as profit or what they deem excessive profit.

Earned benefits of labor became unimportant and the incentive to strive for a better life disappears into the embers of collectivism. Marx believed the bureaucratic government must govern this with one-size-fits-all mandates.

Wages under capitalism are determined by expertise, education, experience and their basic worth to the employer. Under Marxism, everyone is entitled to a minimum or, ideally, a living wage, by virtue of their existence and without them doing a thing to earn it. They are entitled because they breathe and take up space on the planet.

Marx saw “profit” as “the stolen surplus value of the laborer”.

Instead of providing workers with a more livable wage and helping them get off public assistance, in addition to costing jobs, the minimum wage employees are working less to keep their subsidies for food, housing, child care et al.

It appears to be costing jobs in LS. Read about that at Forbes.

Listen to communist Bernie Sanders to get an idea of what it means to the far-left and why it’s dangerous.

The only limits to the minimum wage that he sees are those dictated by the politics and he’s willing to make you pay for it. How generous of him!

Source: The Washington Post


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