Here Comes an Incredibly Pathetic Surrender to Putin on Syria

Samantha Power
Ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power

As if spending $500 million to train 4 or 5 Iraqis to fight ISIS isn’t enough, the Obama administration has found another way to look weak and pathetic on foreign policy.

Putin has moved into Syria, military, air force and all. Kerry’s reaction was to say that the Russians “are bringing in more equipment to shore up Assad at the same time they say they are going after” ISIS. That position, he said, has “a lack of logic.”

It’s illogical? Hardly. The U.S. is MIA and Russia is filling the vacuum. It’s hard to even imagine ISIS if it were not for Obama’s feckless foreign policy.

An editorial at The NY Post quoted Secretary of State John Kerry again saying Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad has got to go. He repeated that with the British foreign secretary last week but added, “We’re not being doctrinaire about the specific date or time; we’re open.”

Seriously? Could he send a weaker message?

The U.S. was left with no options once Obama allowed Putin to move into Syria with heavy equipment, an air force and soldiers. Obama allies the U.S. with enemies and disregards allies. It’s nuts.

For fifty years, American policy makers and leaders labored tirelessly to keep Russia out of the Middle East. The White House is talking about isolating Putin as they hand over incredible power. It’s nothing more than a deceitful soundbite exposing his delusional thinking.

The Shiite-backed Assad has slaughtered Sunnis by the hundreds of thousands and we did nothing. Supporting Assad to kill ISIS is doomed. It will cause more unrest and more desperate refugees.

Obama pathetically refers to this 60-member coalition he formed that is non-existent. It’s pitiful.

Not to be outdone, Ambassador Samantha Power, adviser to Barack Obama, gave us another reason to look like fools on the international stage. She thinks we isolated Putin and seems oblivious as to the real reasons why he now wants to dialogue on Syria.

Barack Obama allowed Putin to take control of the destruction – alleged destruction – of Assad’s chemical weapons after he drew a red line. Assad is now using chemical weapons on his people.

Obama has allowed Putin, the Ayatollahs of Iran, and Assad to take control of the war on ISIS. However, Putin isn’t only going to kill ISIS, if he kills them at all, he’s going to kill the moderate Syrians who are fighting Assad, the ones we are allegedly allied with and we wonder why they run and give U.S. equipment to ISIS.

The people who are really willing to fight are the Kurds and Assyrian Christians. Obama won’t arm them. They will be slaughtered.

Putin has aircraft and surface-to-air missiles in Syria in case we try to bomb Assad and his forces. God only knows what Putin has in mind for the more moderate freedom fighters.

Putin now wants to dialogue because he wants Obama to give this mess his stamp of approval.

Allowing Putin entrée into the Middle East also gives Putin sway over Iraq. Iraqis just agreed to share intel with Iran and Russia in their fight against ISIS.

Putin’s not isolated. Europe needs him for his oil, he’s formed alliances with China, along with Syria and Iran. He enjoys very high popularity in his own country as he slowly swallows Ukraine and menaces the Baltic States and Poland. He has financial issues but it hasn’t stopped him and our sanctions are too weak.

Remarkably, Ambassador Power said this on abc Sunday:

“Well, isolating him has had profound effects, as you know, on Russia’s economy and his own sense of stature on the international stage, which is why I think he’s reaching out in a whole host of ways – that is, President Putin reaching out. A hallmark of President Obama’s foreign policy from the beginning has been to test engagement. And given the stakes – the human stakes, the strategic stakes of what’s going on in Ukraine and Syria – the president believed it would be irresponsible to let this occasion in which the two leaders would be in the same city pass without trying to test to see whether progress could be made on these newly intractable crises.”




  1. Obama and his far-left cadre just want to stir the pot — any pot — of revolution and chaos. Topple governments, displace populations, create vacuums, and overwhelm Western countries. Any American treasure wasted is a plus. Game is to create and exploit crises.

  2. I am confused! You would think obama and Putin would be best of friends.
    1) They are both cut from the same RED cloth.
    2) They both want to destroy America
    What is the problem?
    Maybe Putin is jealous obama is succeeding where Russia failed?

  3. in order to grasp the realpolitik in the middle-east it’s essential to understand the divide ‘twixt sunni and shia islam, and which countries are governed by each ideology. presently only two enjoy top-down governance and a majority demographic; they are iran and saudi arabia. over the last 35 years the shia fundamentalists in iran have fostered the birth and predominance of hezbollah in lebanon while the house of saud financed and emigrated thousands of wahhabists to pakistan and afghanistan.

    the assad regime, beginning with bashar’s father, provided the muscle that allowed nasrallah to recruit and operate within lebanon against the israelis; the saudi kings gave the world al-qaeda, and apparent blessing ( they refuse to fight against al-bahgdadi ) to the off-shoot, isis.

    mr. putin is providing logistical support to a regime that takes it’s orders from iran, much the same as lebanon’s amine gemayel kow-towed to bashir’s father who also took his walking orders from the shia ayatolla khomeini.

    mr. obama may be a Christian or a muslim, only God truly knows our heart; but if he is muslim, it’s worthy to note that his father was a die hard shia.

    just my humble sara…b

  4. Ambassador Samantha Power, is a brain dead idiot. who does not deserve the opportunity to even speak to anyone, should never be allowed to open her mouth to any body, and should be place in a deep dark cell and never allowed out… She is SICK.. SHE IS BEYOND SICK… and it is time to take out the trash

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