Here I Am at a Communist Workshop in New York City


pace Photo of Pace University

I am at the Left Forum Conference at Pace University in the heart of New York liberalism. Pace is a bastion of Social Democrats but the workshop I am currently attending is about the youth Communist movement in the US.

The audience is comprised of about 16 people representing different age groups.  Most were members of The World Workers Party. One was with Collectivist Media. Another was a postal worker  who loves the Labor movement and there was a retired teacher in the group who is a member of a Communist organization.

The conference title is “The Fighting Youth Movement & The Ideology of Marxism-Leninism.” The speakers want a Marxist-Leninist society where the working class and the ruling class no longer exist as two groups and all people are members of one class.

The three young people who spoke are hell-bent on one day living in a United Soviet States of America as envisioned by Williams E Foster in a book of the same title. One speaker called for a new fighting (emphasis on “fighting) revolution that mimics that of the 1930’s, when workers shot down planes with scabs in them  and when workers broke into businesses.

The first speaker was Caleb who sees the rise of police brutality as a looming threat with 2.2 million people in prison and drones in the sky.

He spoke of the differences between Leninism and Marxism while the next speaker briefly defined dialectical materialism, the science behind their soviet vision.

Caleb believes Russia was a flourishing society during the depression under Communism and the only reason it failed was because they moved away from their Marxist-Leninist vision. [When the depression hit, Russia was cut off from the rest of the world and existed independently. The depression had little effect on them. However, the people lived a wretched existence before, during and after the depression because of the oppressive regime they lived under.]

The success of Communism he said is being kept from us. Soviet Russia was a successful planned society, he claimed.

The  Communists in the US of the 1930’s succeeded in part because they combined with the Black Liberation movement and the Scottsboro Nine.

He believes the ruling class exploits the working class. The rich – the ruling class – must be defeated. There needs to be one class with everyone living equally and workers living in the hotels of the rich. We need soviet ruling groups, redistribution, social justice, and no bosses.

Capitalism must be defeated along with racism, sexism, Imperialism, war, gun rights, borders, and so on. Capitalism they believe has destroyed the younger generation and has led to their unemployment and debt.

Scott of the World Workers Party in Philadelphia addressed the question of the different groups working to depose Capitalism. He decried the disorganization of the Anarchist movement and the catering to Capitalism by Social Democrats.

Caleb made the point that all the different groups are working towards the same end – Socialism.

Scott said the Worker’s World Party is the answer to uniting these splinter groups whom he says are divided because they are too weak to engage in the fight.

He said the US Social Forum in Detroit came up with four goals to unite comrades: don’t rely on Democrats, unite workers in the Labor movement, let the oppressed people define their own movement, and fight Imperialism.

A third speaker named Thea read notes describing the history and philosophy of Communism, quoting Stalin and speaking fondly of Mao.

The don’t like Anarchists and they see Social Democrats as hybrids but they respect the fact that all are working to destroy Capitalism and transform the US into a Socialist nation.

They used the words Communism and Socialism interchangeably at times.

The real enemy are the Fascists in office, that undoubtedly includes Conservatives and Republicans.


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