Here Is Proof Dems asked Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election


Investigative reporter and editor at The Hill, John Solomon reported last week that he has over 450 documents of evidence and other documents related to former Vice President Joe Biden’s Ukraine story and Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Solomon presented a few of the documents on ‘Hannity.’

‘Journalist’ Katy Tur and others lied over the weekend and said there is “no evidence” the Ukrainian Embassy was ever asked to help Washington, to help the Democratic National Committee. Katy Tur actually said on NBC News that it was Russia propaganda.

Solomon has an on-the-record statement from their sitting ambassador in Washington that, in fact, Alexandra Chalupa, the DNC contractor, came to the Ukraine Embassy in 2016 and asked for help in finding dirt on Donald Trump in hopes of staging a congressional hearing to hurt Donald Trump in the fall election of 2016.

That is the Ukraine embassy’s on-the-record statement.

In addition, the Ukraine embassy states that Ms. Chalupa also asked for the Ukraine president to visit the United States and spend time with an investigative reporter trying to turn up dirt on Donald Trump and Paul Manafort, Solomon told Sean Hannity on his show last night.

The embassy said they recognized this for what it was, an improper effort to influence the election and they refused to cooperate, Solomon says.

The media is calling this a ‘tin-foil hat conspiracy.’

The second document Solomon presents is the deposition of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor whom Biden demanded be fired in March 2016.

Mr. Shokin says in his sworn deposition, under the penalty of perjury, under oath, that in fact, he was fired because he refused to stand down in the Burisma investigation. That is the only reason he was fired. He was told that by Ukraine’s President [Petro Poroshenko].

That makes a liar out of Joe Biden and the media, if true.

Solomon referred to a Politico article with well-researched information about Ukraine’s interference in our election. It includes the role of Alexandra Chalupa. Among other bombshells, Politico reported Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump in 2016.

Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American leftist, was a mover and shaker in the Democrat Party in 2016 as a DNC contractor and early-on complained that the Trump campaign was too cozy with Russia. A lot of her anger stemmed from the hiring of Paul Manafort. Keep in mind that the DNC was tightly controlled by Hillary Clinton as Donna Brazile stated in her book about the experience.


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