Here is the First Look at the West Freeway Church of Christ Killer


The gunman in Sunday’s church shooting in Texas has been identified as 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen, according to the DailyMail.

The motive is unknown but he was homeless and angry. The church offered him food on a number of occasions but he was reportedly irate at not getting money from the church he later attacked.

Thomas Kinnunen

He was first named by NBC Dallas Fort Worth.


Kinnunen had a criminal past that involved multiple arrests for theft and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was arrested in 2016 for walking around with a rifle near an oil refinery, the Star-Telegram reported.

Kinnunen stood up during the service and killed two men – a security guard and a grandfather identified as Anton ‘Tony’ Wallace, 64, a registered nurse and deacon who had just given out communion. Then Jack Wilson, 71, shot him dead, within seconds of him murdering these two innocent men.

It took one shot to the head and the planned massacre ended.


According to some reports, the guard who was killed deliberately blocked him from shooting other parishioners.

The murdered Deacon’s daughter, Tiffany Wallace ran towards her father after he was shot and held him as he took his last breaths. According to multiple reports, the other victim has been identified as Richard White, 67, a father and a grandfather who worked as a sales manager at a manufacturing company.

Kinnunen was in disguise and was wearing a fake beard so members of the church didn’t recognize him. He caught the attention of the guard who was murdered, Mr. White, and others in the church because of the way he was dressed and his behavior.

Church minister Britt Farmer said church members helped the man with food on several occasions, but the man became angry when they wouldn’t give him money, according to a tweet from Bobby Ross Jr. — editor-in-chief of the Christian Chronicle. When reached by phone Monday, Farmer declined to comment on the tweet beyond saying Ross was a personal friend.

Kinnunen was arrested in 2008 on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Fort Worth, according to court records.

He was arrested in September 2016 in New Jersey when police found him with a shotgun in the area of a Phillips 66 oil refinery. He was taking photos of the oil tank field in the town of Linden, according to MyCentralNewJersey news.

Kinnunen told police he was homeless, traveling from Texas and taking photos of interesting sites.

He previously lived in Tucson, Ariz., according to public records, but had roots in the area of White Settlement.


Kinnunen’s ex-wife, Cindy Glasgow-Voegel, filed for a protective order in January 2012 in Grady County, Oklahoma. In her statement in the order, she wrote, “Keith is a violent, paranoid person with a long line of assault and batteries with and without firearms. He is a religious fanatic, says he’s battling a demon. He is not nice to anyone.”

In that same 2012 document, Glasgow-Voegel said Kinnunen showed up at her home in October 2011 unannounced, with no money or vehicle, asking to see his son. She said she got him a trailer and a job and that he quit the job, assaulted a man in Tuttle and was in the county jail. She said their 15-year-old son was “terrified” of his father and that he threatened her should she try to keep them apart, NBC News 5.

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The Flag Was False
The Flag Was False
3 years ago

Crisis Actor Productions needs to hire some more photogenic mind controlled robots for these to work anymore.

Richard R Solberg
Richard R Solberg
3 years ago

Another one with obvious mental problems , how and where did he get the shotgun ….

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

As always these shooters have criminal records and should have been behind bars