Here Is the Most Embarrassing Thing That Could Happen to Our CIA Chief


Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan speaks during a rare news conference at CIA Headquarters in Virginia

If you are the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency, in other words, you are the chief spy in the country, what would be the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you? How about a situation in which an alleged teen hacks into your personal email account multiple times, removes confidential work documents and posts them on Twitter?

Jeh Johnson, Director of Homeland Security, was hacked also.

If these two an’t protect themselves, who is safe? They should have had Lifelock!

A self-described pro-Gaza, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, non-Muslim high school teen claims to have hacked the personal email account of the CIA chief, John Brennan, and to have contacted him by phone.

The hacker calls himself Cracka and contacted the NY Post to both brag and to provide more details.

Work documents were kept on the Brennan AOL account. This teen appears to have tricked AOL into providing him with access.

Brennan’s 47-page application for top-secret security clearance was one of the documents.

Other emails stored in Brennan’s non-government account contained the Social Security numbers and personal information of more than a dozen top American intelligence officials, as well as a government letter about the use of “harsh interrogation techniques” on terrorism suspects, according to the hacker.

Cracka also appears to have gotten into the online Comcast account of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, the head of HOMELAND SECURITY, and posted a redacted screenshot of a billing page. He claimed that he listened to Johnson’s voicemails.

If this is true, our cybersecurity is in the hands of some shaky individuals. The White House does seem to hire the most incompetent people available.


Cracka said he and a friend jacked the documents. Here are a few of Cracka’s tweets.

Example 1



Example 2



Example 3



In Example 4, he appears to keep retaking the account back.



Example 5



Example 6



Example 7


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