Here They Come! Thousands of Illegal Aliens And We Can’t Stop Them


As thousands of illegal aliens prepare to enter the USA illegally, free lawyers tell them how they can manipulate the system and our laws.

It’s a free-for-all as economic migrants, prepared to take advantage of our freebies and jobs are calling themselves refugees.

This is not simply one caravan. There are thousands of illegal aliens coming into our country shortly and we can’t do a thing about it. This goes on constantly. Congress will do nothing.

The ICE Director says we need legislation to close loopholes – NOW!

The problem of course is Congress is useless and they all seem to like open borders.

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan reacted to the arrival of the caravan of Honduran migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Tucker Carlson said, the migrants will likely claim asylum based on “fear” of their previous conditions and be admitted to the United States.

“If they’re really seeking asylum [from Honduras], they just passed through a safe nation — Mexico,” Homan said. “They could very easily claim asylum there.”

Carlson said the asylum claim is “clearly a scam.”

Let’s face it, Mexico doesn’t have the freebies or the jobs we have.

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4 years ago

Turn them back, this is a test to see how America handles this. If we fail to turn them back we will be dealing with endless caravans of illegals!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

I know Sara does not think Congress is clueless. An example is Ryan, his policy on immigration is far leftist. As Dobbs says, Ryan is owned by powerful interests. He has never advocated immigration control legislation. His goal is amnesty. He favors anti-American policies, including massive debt.

Of course, Sessions could act against the legal help advising people how to break into the USA. That’s impossible, Sessions has already been unmasked as anti-Trump.

This is another setup to make Trump look bad.

4 years ago

The United Nations defines who is a refugee and what their rights are. Reportedly, they are supposed to request asylum in the first country they come to after crossing their border. Don’t believe anyone who claims they swam here from Bangladesh.

4 years ago

President Trump should put the Military along the border to protect us from foreign invadors. If anyone crosses the border, shoot to kill. We are literally being invaded.