Here We Go! Hillary-Obama Group Gets Special Counsel to Probe AG Whitaker


The Office of Special Counsel confirmed that a complaint had been filed against him by the “watchdog” organization, American Oversight [a far-left group]. The Office of Special Counsel will now investigate Matt Whitaker as he continues his witch hunt against the President.


The executive director was an Obama attorney. The so-called watchdog pursues cases against President Trump and Republicans.

The group was involved in opposing the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, along with the left-wing judicial activist group Fix the Court.

The group has been described by the George Soros website Mother Jones as a “liberal advocacy group.”

American Oversight’s leadership largely consists of attorneys, campaign staff from the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign, former Obama administration officials, and left-wing activists.

The Democrats will do to Matt Whitaker what they did to Justice Kavanaugh in whatever way they can.


The Special Counsel Office is looking at absurd Hatch Act violations or a financial disclosure problem. If it’s financial disclosure, they can snare him in their perjury trap.

The investigation is focused on whether the former University of Iowa football player violated federal law by receiving donations at the beginning of this year for his failed 2014 Iowa Senate campaign, Fox News reported.

Federal Election Commission records indicate that a total of $8,800 was donated to Whitaker’s campaign fund while he was acting as Sessions’ chief of staff.

Don’t be surprised if they also find some sordid fake affairs in his background.

The Democrats want to decide who Trump’s Attorney General will be and they want control of that person. If nothing else, they will incapacitate Whitaker.



  1. This article is confusing the Office of the Special Counsel, which is an independent government agency, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is part of DOJ.

    Mueller has nothing to do with the investigation of Whitaker.

  2. Once this Mueller thing is over Trump will say – “My Turn” and the Clintonites and Obama know it.
    This death spiral of the Mueller special council has been reaching it’s end over the last few months.
    The Clintons and previous Administration know they can’t let the Mueller distraction disappear.
    OH, there will be hell to pay and Trump has time and has built his leverage over these past 2 years.
    That’s about how long a Obama/FISA and Clinton/Fusion One investigation might take.
    What a great time line….
    MAGA – It’s a real thing.

  3. Under what authority would he start an investigation? They just want to keep Trump tied up so he can’t start an investigation into their corruption.

  4. Wooooowwwww, hold on just one little minute.

    IT IS NOT for Mueller to decide what he will investigate beyond the scope of his assignment.

    If Mueller makes a single move to investigate Whitaker, he should be IMMEDIATELY called before congress, explain his actions and frankly, FIRED.

    These people seem to have lost all perspective. Mueller is NOT AG, he is an employee, period.

    Who exactly made Mueller king of the universe?

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