Here’s a Clear Example of the National Emergency at the Border


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said 160 officers served warrants on thirteen homes and fifteen vehicles on Thursday morning.

These eleven people who were arrested ran an organization that moved more than $7.5 million worth of drugs a year, police say.

Those arrested include: Edwin Parrilla, 36; Sandra Sanchez Pacheco, 51; Jonathan Pagan Rojas, 35; Anthony Rojas, 32; Kelvin Rojas, 35; Rafael Soto, 49; Moreno Rodriquez, 26; Raymon Rodriguez-Robles, 32; Steven Joel Rodriguez Burgos, 25; Jose Dejesus Evangelista, 35; and Rolfi Rodriguez, 40.

How many of these people are here illegally? Their names suggest that is possible. Even if they aren’t, almost all our drugs are coming from south of the border.  And they aren’t all coming in through checkpoints. We just catch them there more often.

The little Eva Perón of the USA, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to shut down the organization that helps capture these people.



    • The democrats future “grupen fuhrers”…their antifa ‘brown shirts’/’red guards” are already actively and OPENLY operating in some states with the FULL blessing of State and City “officials(?)”…

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