Here’s a Shocker, Murkowski Backs Repeal of Obamacare Mandate


Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) actually backs the repeal of the individual mandate to give a boost to the tax reform package. Her reasoning is that it doesn’t change the Affordable Care Act.

“Repealing the individual mandate simply restores to people the freedom to choose,” Murkowski wrote. “Nothing else about the structure of the [Affordable Care Act] would be changed.”

She didn’t back the Obamacare repeal because it restructured Medicaid.

She said she worried that insurance is not affordable for some people, who are then being fined for going without coverage by the mandate.
“People have been forced out of the market by the high cost of insurance, with some often forced to pay a tax because the price of insurance was too high for them to afford,” she wrote.
Unfortunately she’s a fan of the Alexander/Murray bill which uses tax dollars to enrich insurance companies with corporate welfare to stabilize them. Stabilization wouldn’t be needed if the bill wasn’t so awful.
Susan Collins, who is really a Democrat posing as a Republican, won’t pass a tax bill without stabilizing her beloved Obamacare.
Stabliization sets up permanent bailouts to insurance companies at taxpayer expense and keeps the bad idea of Obamacare in place.

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