Here’s Bush Refusing to Criticize Obama, Here’s Bush Criticizing Trump


In 2014, Sean Hannity asked former President George W. Bush why he didn’t criticize President Barack Obama.

“Why did you make that decision?” he asked. “Because I’m sure you have a lot to say.”

His response was, I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former President undermine a current President. It’s bad for the presidency. And, secondly, I have had all the fame I want…”

That has not stopped him from insulting President Trump in this country and abroad. This week, the globalist Bush weighed in on Trump’s Iran decision. He said:

“America is indispensable for the world and the dangers of isolation loom. The price of greatness is responsibilities. One cannot rise to be in many ways a leading community in the civilized world without being involved in its problems. The people of the United States cannot escape world responsibility.”

How is Trump isolating the U.S.? He is working with the Saudis, Egypt, Jordan and others. Would Bush rather we unite with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Ayatollahs over there? Europe will come around. The EU has become Iran’s number one trading partner and apparently they put money over honor and safety. In the end, they will have problems doing business with Iran without using U.S. banks.

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