Here’s a Good Example of the Horrendous State of Journalism Today


Juan Williams was named Television Broadcast Journalist of the Year at the second annual Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

“I was pretty wowed by the honor,” Williams told Fox 5.

We were wowed too Juan – in a bad way.

“It was a very tumultuous year in some ways given all the politics that happened and to go through that history-making cycle and then come out and be acknowledged by my peers as Broadcast Journalist of the year is pretty fantastic,” he added.

We can only imagine how bad the other winners are.

  • Every time “wan” Willaims said something on Fox he just repeated the democrat Mantra, it was an insult to the public’s intelligence I am amazed that he got an award of anykind. those awards must be like the awards they give out for the “best” TV programs……………………..are you kidding me?

  • He is aware that he received an affirmative action award. I work in an environment in which I have seen people speak and act like he does, because they know they can get ahead by doing the simplest things.