Here’s Pelosi Condeming Trump for NoKo Talks, Here’s Pelosi Admitting to NoKo Talks


Nancy Pelosi is very happy about the possibility the North Korea deal is off. The left has been hoping for this. She also compared President Trump, who is trying to preserve our freedoms, with the murderous dictator Kim Jong-un.

She did not want negotiations and said when Kim received the President’s letter cancelling the North Korea talks, Kim Jong-un must have had a “giggle fit”.

The woman can’t stop feeding the power of the enemy by trashing our leader. She will be very disappointed to hear that there is a U.S. team in North Korea arranging for talks.

This is the same woman who went to North Korea to discuss arms trade.

Pelosi, who possibly has dementia, discussed human rights, told them to stop prolifiterating, freeing prisoners, and arms trading.

She must have been empowering the enemy since she spoke with them. Isn’t it what Trump did? Only he was successful!


  1. I find this demented woman and her ilk despicable. They would rather put this country in jeopardy and protect their hateful liberal ideology. I find her and the DNC repugnant.

  2. Wonder if Kim is still giggling. More than likely, he’s not. Neither is Nancy, unless it’s completely involuntary…..which seems to be happening a lot lately.

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