Here’s Why Republicans Will Keep Winning


The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the elections since 2009 have been brutal to Democrats. A total of 85 of 98 State legislative bodies are now more Republican.

According to the NCSL data, there were 4,082 Democrats in state senates and state houses in 2009. In 2015, there were 3,163 — a decrease of 22.5 percent.


There are good reasons for this. We have an IRS targeting political opponents. The EPA is refusing to release documentation on the massive toxic spill they caused and they just sent dirty, oily water to the Navajos. They are stealing land or exercising unconstitutional control over private land. The Department of Mis-Education is trying to nationalize education through Common Core and to institutionalize propaganda.

The various agencies have made moves to take over newsrooms, control the Internet, and banish religion, conservatives and other opponents from the media.

Our borders are wide open and drug cartels and some terrorists are pouring through or jumping visas.

No reasonable person worries about the sweet people who want a better life but they still need to come here legally. They must be vetted and Americans must return to a rule of law.

The White House refuses to honor Freedom of Information requests (FOIA) which is critical to keeping our press free, or at least as free as they choose to be, and to those watchdogs who monitor an abusive government.

We’ve gone from abortion to partial birth abortions and sending baby heads to techs in boxes with a president who comes out in strong support of it.

The administration is making the executive branch into a dictatorship, changing our culture into a socialist nightmare that he thinks is moral but is lacking in morals. President Obama ran as the outsider and he’s the most political president in recent history.

Our president and his minions lie – constantly. He keeps saying everything he doesn’t like is not in keeping with America’s values. He’s right but are these the values we want?

We can’t even trust the Pentagon.

The New York Times reported that at least one civilian employee of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) told authorities that officials at U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) were improperly reworking intelligence assessments prepared for policymakers, including President Obama, to make it seem as if the war against ISIS is far more successful than it is.

A senior military official confirmed to Fox News that an IG investigation has been initiated into the allegation.

Bill 1

Free Beacon is reporting that Bill Clinton is “incensed,” reports say, that Biden might enter the race. Bill has no one to blame but Hillary who refuses to deal with the issues confronting her and who has avoided the middle America she claims to represent.

Politico reported that Bill Clinton, according to a person who has spoken with the former president in the past couple of weeks, is “very agitated” by the possibility of a Biden candidacy and incensed at the press hype around a possible bid.

What do they expect?

His wife has lied and compromised national security and just keeps lying about it.

Who cares if Bill is irate? What about all the women he tormented?

If Democrats are going to represent relative values, deceit and cover ups, Republicans will keep winning. The far-left that controls the party is leading from an alternative universe and America is not following.


Source: Weasel Zippers

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Sandy Hardtmann
Sandy Hardtmann
7 years ago

Republicans do well in mid-term elections because OLD WHITE MALES turn out more than anyone. Even so only 36% of Americans voted in the 2014 midterms. Republicans obviously won’t win in 2016 Presidential without most women, any Hispanics or minorities. And if Trump gets the nod – you are really in trouble. Many REPUBLICANS will sit this election out before voting for this clown. Democrats are satisfied voters and the party is united. I don’t see how it’s possible Republicans can win in 2016 without women, Hispanics and all other minorities.

7 years ago

Would that be the Old white males of Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden turning out? Do explain which old white males because in a country which has been ruled by the democrats since 1933 with only 4 total years where democrats had no majority and 30 of those years with total filibuster proof control, either the Old white men you are talking about are either democrats or they dont actually exist.

You realize there are more women in america than men?
Old white males are probably the smallest minority group in america.
You also realize there are no white people, there are caucasians who have a similar skin color, since judging by skin color seems to be relevant to you. White people was a legal term from the slave and segregation laws which classified people as black or white and white in many areas included Asians at least in the earlier laws but otherwise there are no white people today unless you were a slave owner or a segregationist and last time I heard, only the democratic party allies in the middle east have slavery.

Joseph Kessler
Joseph Kessler
7 years ago

This is true. Although the party line is not always a clear cut indicator of the change in policy(many feel the repubs and dems are pretty much the same now anyway)that people want ,it is true people are fed up with the whole political process on both sides, with an overall emphasis on simple dishonesty, lack of: integrity, ethics, and morals reflected in that process. Because of the blatant degradation in our country that is posing as progress, people will vote for the candidate that not only goes against this injustice and restores constitutional freedom, but also represents the majority collective will of we the people.