Hero Kris Paranto Reminds Hillary She Left Men to Die After She Tweets


After Hillary tweeted out a criticism of the President for allegedly not defending U.S. diplomats, she suffered severe backlash. One person in particular brought her unremitting gall and hypocrisy to the fore. That was the Army Ranger who was in Benghazi, Kris Paranto.

Mr. Paranto is a co-author of the book, 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.

Hillary’s sociopathic tweet strongly criticized the White House for allegedly not defending diplomat Mike McFaul. She wrote that she found it “deeply troubling.”


Hillary Clinton lied about the attack on the Benghazi consulate on 9/11/12, claiming an obscure, barely-watched video caused the attack. It wasn’t true as documents later proved.

Army Ranger Kris Pronto didn’t spare Hillary and she shouldn’t be spared after what she has done, with obviously no pains of conscience.

As Mr. Paronto said, she let the men die in Benghazi and never even tried to save them. He tweeted, “Are you f’n kidding me @HillaryClinton ?!!!  You left Ambassador Stevens and us to die in Benghazi then spewed lie after lie to the family members of my dead teammates and to the world to cover it up and now you have the nerve to talk about defending diplomats?!You are disgusting!”

Hillary and her minions tried to pin the blame for the attack on a videographer, Kris Paranto, and anyone she thought she could victimize.

Instead of putting Marines around the mission to protect it, Hillary put locals in charge, some of them were tied to the radical al Qaeda group that led the attack.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens begged for more help to protect the consulate, but she claimed she never saw the requests although her stamp was on the rejections. Stevens wanted to abort Benghazi because it was so dangerous but she would have none of it. It might look bad. She never sent any real help.

Whistleblowers found their careers ruined and the videographer ended up in prison for a year. It was part of the massive cover-up. She was even accused of lying by two victims’ family members but she turned around and accused them of lying.


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