Hero Marine Becomes the Victim of A Corrupt Government – Ours


Jason Brezler, a New York City Firefighter, was a Marine Reservist who was dismissed from the Corps in what appears to be a case motivated by revenge and steeped in cover ups. Brezler is a decorated Marine officer who has deployed four times and he is a hero.

Brezler’s crime was emailing a classified document to U.S. military officials in Afghanistan after they requested the document.

Mr. Brezler’s email preceded the murder of three Marines. He said that the military refused to investigate and make public the events leading up to the deaths of the Marines.

The families of the murdered men said the base was a dangerous place and the military is hiding documents that would expose the situation at the time.

Mr. Brezler has sued to challenged his dismissal. His case is pending in federal court.

It’s ironic when one considers what Hillary Clinton has done while she continues to run for president.

Jason Brezler

While off-duty and in a life-and-death emergency, Jason emailed a requested document about a Taliban-associated Afghan sexual predator living on the Marines’ Forward Operating Base Delhi in Afghanistan.

Jason’s warning was ignored, and soon after one of the Afghan’s young sex abuse victims, Ainuddin Khudairaham, murdered three Marines in the base gym: Scott Dickinson, Richard Rivera and Greg Buckley.

The Daily Beast has posted an extensive report on the case.

The families of the Marines have sought information on the case and have been stonewalled every step of the way.  They were told to submit FOIA requests like everyone else. Their requests were then ignored even though it is information they are entitled to have.

Rep. Peter King became involved at the families’ request and contacted Jason Brezler who spoke with him as he is legally allowed to do.

As soon as the media reported the conversation, Jason became the target of retaliatory efforts from Commandant James Amos who immediately moved to throw Jason out of the Corps.

Amos claimed there was classified information in the original email and that was cause for dismissal.

Meanwhile, we have a Secretary of State who has put national security in grave jeopardy and she is running for president.

silly Hillary

The soldiers were murdered – executed – in Afghanistan while working out in a gym in a green-on-blue crime and another was seriously injured. The teen jihadist was tried as a juvenile in Afghanistan by three Afghan judges as if he did little more than rob the military store. Our military brass allowed this to happen. He should have been tried in the U.S. or sent to GITMO.

Instead a phony birth certificate was produced and he was tried as a juvenile in Afghanistan with Afghan judges.

After the murders, the jihadist ran around and yelled that he committed jihad.

Greg Buckley Jr.

Lance Corporal Greg Buckley Jr.

The murderer, Ainuddin Khudairaham, was tried on July 22, 2014 and was sentenced the next day to only 7 and one-half years without the knowledge of the victims’ families. He will be out in four since he served two years.

He will be free to kill again and he will kill again if he is this vicious while not yet out of his teens.

Our military brass didn’t have the decency to tell the families beforehand.

Buckley family

Buckley family at Greg Buckley’s funeral

Mr. Buckley wanted to go to Afghanistan for the trial but our government didn’t seem fit to notify him when the trial was to take place. They then said he’d have to go at his own expense.

three murdered men

Greg Buckley Jr., Richard Rivera, and Scott Dickinson

His son knew he was being put in an unnecessarily dangerous position and he was afraid he would be killed.

Afghanistan became a haven for green-on-blue murders (insider attacks) as a direct result of Barack Obama’s policy of training Afghans without time for proper security screenings. The Taliban even told us they stepped up their infiltration of the Afghan security forces and we still kept training them.

The military was running 7,000 new recruits through each month in 2013 and 2014 – not enough time for adequate background checks. As a result, the 35,000 member security force was riddled with terrorists.

U.S. military intelligence said at the time that as 25% of Afghan security forces are Taliban or al Qaeda operatives or sympathizers.

The Pentagon, in their great wisdom and under Obamalosophy, paid Taliban fighters to surrender and join the government as part of a reintegration program.

It’s an honor system for terrorists and it left the government filled with Taliban.

Afghanistan was the ‘Good War.’

In 2012, attacks by Afghan forces on Coalition forces surged; in 2012, they accounted for 15% of Coalition deaths. In 2011, green-on-blue attacks accounted for 6%; in 2010, 2%; in 2009, 2%; and in 2008, less than 1%, reports Long War Journal. It went down to 9.9% in 2013 and stood at 5.3% at the end of the war.

In May 2012, ISAF commander General John Allen said that about half of the green-on-blue attacks were carried out by Taliban infiltrators. In August, General Allen said that approximately 25% of the green-on-blue attacks were due to Taliban infiltration and/or coercion of Afghan forces, according to The New York Times. The Taliban routinely took credit for the attacks.

The Taliban also claimed to have stepped up efforts at infiltrating the Afghan National Security Forces as soon as Obama made the announcement to pull out was made, Long War Journal reported.

The surge in green-on-blue killings began right after Barack Obama announced the planned date of withdrawal.


Find out more about this case on Greg Buckley’s Facebook page

Find your state’s U.S. Senators addresses and numbers here: http://www.senate.gov/…/com…/faq/How_to_contact_senators.htm

Find your U.S. Congressman’s address and number here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/



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7 years ago

Just one more reason young people should shun the US military. Until the leadership return to the Constitutional use and protection of our military, we should refuse to support it with the lives of our young people.

Sgt. Michael J Hayes
Sgt. Michael J Hayes
7 years ago

Having been in the Que Son’s in 67′ and north of Hywy 9 in 66′ I can’t help the love hate relationship between the Marine Commanding Officers and the Marines. In 66-67 it was sending Marines into combat with a piece of shit rifle which resulted in an additional 25% Marines KIA’s in 66-67 dying as a result of a decision to send us to battle with that piece of shit M 16 E which they knew was shit.

Now Marines die because our Marine leaders want to be “politically correct” to improve their politcal position with the pieces of shit running the war against the Islamic pigs.