Hero of the Berlin Massacre


Lukasz Urban was so meticulous about his Swedish-made semi that he was called “The Inspector”. He arrived in the German capitol from Italy with his cargo a day early. He was known for his reliability. The truck’s owner said he was eager to get home to his wife and 17-year old son in a Polish village near the German border but he was too early and was told to come back the next day.

It was only hours later that he was found beaten, stabbed and shot as the truck careened into holiday shoppers in Berlin.

“Lukasz was massacred, I hardly recognized him, his cousin Mr. Zurawski said when he saw the police photos. The 38-year old driver was 6 foot 2 inches tall, 260 pounds and his cousin said he would “fight to the end” to save his vehicle, according toThe Sun UK.

His face was badly swollen.


The GPS indicates that the truck was taken by 3:45pm, after he stopped for a kebob. Mr. Urban was alive for hours after as the person driving jerked and buckled the truck like a beginner.

Medical examination indicates that Mr. Urban was beaten and stabbed. When the terrorist began speeding towards the shoppers – women and children – Mr. Urban is believed to have tried desperately to stop the terrorist as he lay dying.

He was bleeding out from stab wounds as he tried to stop the murderer. It is believed that the driver was being stabbed as he grabbed the wheel. He was also shot either before the horrific event ended or after.

A police officer said he fought valiantly.

Mr Zurawski said: “This is a double tragedy for the family. Two years ago his brother killed himself.

“Now their father has been taken into hospital suffering from shock.”

Mr Zurawski described his cousin’s wife Zuzanna and 17-year-old son as “very distressed”.

He said: “They have had no support from either Germany or Poland. No psychologists, specialists — she is on her own.”



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