Hey Bernie, Democratic Socialist Maduro Is Rewriting the Venezuelan Constitution to Avoid Elections


Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist like Nicolàs Maduro, the President of Venezuela who has run his country into the ground. It’s similar to what Bernie’s wife did to Burlington College when she was President – she ran it into the ground with an idiotic economic plan, perhaps an illegal one.

Bernie, lover of Cuba and Sandanistas, is no different from Maduro and he is not a social Democrat as some would have us believe. Maduro promised exactly what Bernie promised and now he is creating his own assembly to re-write the constitution in yet another power grab.

This is what he thinks is an appropriate response to civil strife caused by the lack of food and medicine in the country.

“I don’t want a civil war,” Maduro told a May Day rally of supporters in downtown Caracas while elsewhere across the city security forces fired tear gas at youths hurling stones and petrol bombs after opposition marches were blocked.

Maduro, 54, a former bus driver, has triggered an article of the constitution that creates a super-body known as a “constituent assembly.”

It can dissolve public powers and call general elections. Chavez did the same thing in 1999.

Only half of the assembly will be elected and no political parties will be involved. It will be easily manipulated to keep Maduro in power and avoid elections. As with all Democratic Socialists, once they are in power, you can’t get rid of them. They always become tyrants.

At the same time, the people are protesting and bands of armed criminals roam the streets looking for people to loot and pick off in the name of Maduro and Socialism.

Venezuela is the real time experiment of hard-left policies and it’s a catastrophe. It’s also Bernie Sanders’ dream for us here in the USA.

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