There Is No Such Thing As a Security Review and Hillary Is In Big Trouble


c omey

Jim Comey, the FBI director, was asked Wednesday about the security review Hillary keeps talking about.  She tries to diminish her culpability by using a euphemism – it’s just a security inquiry she likes to say. Comey said he doesn’t even know what that is because the FBI doesn’t do security reviews aka inquiries.

When he was asked about others who had been convicted having done a fraction of what Clinton did, Comey said he wanted “to assure the American people that there will be no set of special circumstances in this case.” He was also not going to be held to a timeline.

There have been 2079 pieces of classified information found on Clinton’s server. Some of the information found was so sensitive that it would endanger national security to reveal it.

Judge Napolitano said if Hillary wins the election and is indicted, she can then pardon herself.

So here’s Hillary talking about a “security review” yet a.

My head is spinning with all the BS, how about yours?