“Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Cory Booker, Sex Abuser, Has Got to Go”


A man came forward and accused Cory Booker of making very aggressive sexual advances towards him. He even followed up on his accusation. Since he is a sexual assault victim in the age of #MeToo, he must be believed. The victim must be believed.

Since we no longer believe in innocent until proven guilty, we have determined this accusation to be “credible”, very credible, and we call for an immediate hearing.

There is also evidence enough to show that Cory Booker must not be allowed to keep his position or run for the highest office in the land. This accusation is so vile that it’s enough.

The victim said he has contacted Ronan Farrow and claims he has suffered depression from this event. That’s good enough for us! We don’t know if he knows what year it happened or how he got there or got home, but that’s hardly important.

We haven’t even begun to address his confession of groping a girl years ago.

During the Salem Witch Trials, the only evidence was word of mouth and the witnesses were believed. The witches were hung. We have returned to that period of time as our treatment of Justice Kavanaugh has proven. Did anyone notice the witches putting a hex on Justice Kavanaugh last night?

While Booker will not be hung, should he somehow be allowed to keep his position or run for higher office, Americans will haunt him for the remainder of his life. They will harass him in restaurants and hang signs at Capitol Hill, lighted signs, calling him a pervert. Some will claw at Congress’s doors, screaming out chants like, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, creepy Booker has got to go.”

We are not mocking his accuser because we don’t know if he is telling the truth or being sarcastic. We are guessing it’s the latter, but we are mocking the new Democrat Party members who advocate for guilty until proven innocent.

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